A los Viñateros Bravos

Itata, CHILE
A Los Vinateros Bravo
A Los Vinateros Bravo

A Los Viñateros Bravos tells the story of Itata’s heritage and old bush-vines planted on volcanic and granitic soils.  Organic viticulture, dry-farming practices, and natural winemaking truly capture a sense of place.  It is not uncommon to see 150-year-old vines in these rolling foothills.  The wines are full of life, vibrancy, tension, freshness.  An ode to Itata’s brave vignerons and the history of the region’s grape-growing dating back to 1551.  Leonardo Erazo doesn’t interfere with the terroir in order to bring a strong sense of place into the bottle.  Winemaking is simple, using native yeast and cement tanks for fermentation and aging.




– BUSH VINE REVOLUTION – Once the viticultural center of a new world colony, the Itata hills now represent a forgotten viticultural region in Chile.  The ancient vineyards face increasing challenges as wine farms are under threat of impeaching forestry and mass commercial eucalyptus tree plantings.  The growers who tend to their tiny vineyard plantings are paid a low but also  fixed price by the big wineries from the valley floor –  ignoring the diversity of the area’s terroir. 

May the tide turn for Itata’s old bush-vines.

Viva Itata! Viva the bush-vine revolution!



This is a unique vineyard, that gives a unique wine.  100% Carignan fermented in concrete. Dry farmed, hand-picked, fermented in concrete.  Planted in 1991. 1er Itata.  Located in Guralihue in the Sector of Leonera Alta, is a really fresh side, especially for Carignan, the vineyard sits on top of the hill, where the decomposed Granitic Rock is very dominant, making the soils rather poor but that’s the most interesting aspect!. 

Hombres EN LLAMAS  12x750ml | SKU #44233 | $31.17  

~2018 El TUNNEL~

El Tunél embodies the journey of Itata’s Cinsault. Planted in the 50s by Victor Fuentealba the 0.4 hectare vineyard, from which this herbal Cinsault with delicate notes of red fruits originates, reflects the unique symbiosis of the grape with Itata’s hills. Organic viticulture lets the fruit speak for itself and its natural surroundings. Vineyard planted in 1959.

EL TUNNEL  12x750ml | SKU #15771 | $31.17  


La Resistencia reflects the stubborn persistence of Itata’s old vineyards and their vignerons. Against all odds, they have survived the test of time. This delicately fresh País, grown out of a 0.5-hectare 170-year-old vineyard (planted in 1867), illustrates Itata’s history of honest, organic, and respectful viticulture.

LA RESISTENCIA  12x750ml | SKU #15765 | $31.17 






~2019 LA RUPTURA ~

La Ruptura breaks through conventional ideas of Muscatel. This fresh and citric field-bled, made from a 0.6 hectare 170-year-old un-grafted vineyard, breaths the fresh and saline winds of the Itata hills. Unpretentious, organic winemaking allows unique characters of the Granitic Hills where it thrives and Muscat to flourish in this handcrafted wine. 3 weeks skin-contact.

LA RAPTURA 12x750ml | SKU #15759 | $25.81

The Cru Series is the result of 10 years of soil mapping across the Itata Colinas, the complexity, depth, layers and aging potentiality are the common factor on this high-end line. The small production of each cuvée limited by the soil gives a unique character to each wine. They are the purest expression of the soil beneath them. Cold climate, granitic mother rock, organic viticulture and natural winemaking.

Leonardo Erazo Lynch


This field-blend of Muscatel and Semillon (approx. 60 % to 40%) has a fresh and long persistence in the mouth that reinforces citric notes such as grapefruit and white flowers together with a lengthy saline sensation. It expresses the granite slopes on which the vineyards lie and the Pacific Ocean which is felt in the Itata valley through a fresh afternoon sea-breeze.

GRANITICO BLANCO  12x750ml | SKU #9106 | $21.48 






Skin contact stone fruit vibes, this tropical number is made from a lesser-known variety from Chile – Toradol Pais. Fleshy pineapple and piña colada.  Old vines are grown on a crazy granitic hill, between exposed granitic rocks, and shows the cold climate and the influence of the rock. The aromas are austere on the nose but they really show the intensity of flavors once in the mouth. A wine that carries the terroir of Itata Colinas DO and it’s DNA.

ARBOL ARRIBA  12x750ml | SKU #44228 | $25.81  


From self-rooted vines planted at least 150 years ago, Pais in the Itata Valley is farmed by families who have been growing the same way for centuries. The Pais grape was originally brought to Chile by conquistadors and missionaries in the 16th century and thus this variety has been adapting to its climate for over 400 years. There is little to no disease pressure, the vines are dry-farmed on ancient grantitic soils. The aroma of “Chilean garrigue” is carried in these Pais wines, this comes from the lush forest influence surrounding all the vineyards. A supremely elegant wine, the soils are showcased by great savouriness in the palate with deep red fruits and earth, delicate perfume, fine grained tannins and a long finish.

PAIS GRANITICO 12x750ml | SKU #9098 | $21.48   


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