Alderlea Vineyards

Cowichan Valley, Vancouver Island

Cowichan Valley, Vancouver Island

The wines of Alderlea Vineyard reflects its place as one of the founding vineyards in the Cowichan Valley. Alderlea’s wines are often used as the benchmark for quality by neighbouring wineries. The boutique production of only 2,000 cases a year and a strong dedication to all estate-only produced wines have put Alderlea Vineyards at the forefront of coastal grape-growing. White varietals include Bacchus, Pinot Gris, and Sauvignon Blanc, and the reds comprise a reserve and a standard Pinot Noir, old-vine Marechal Foch known as Clarinet, and Matrix, a blend that features Cabernet Foch.

Alderlea Vineyards are sustainably farmed, organically fertilised and grown without chemical pesticides or herbicides.

Zac Brown and Julie Powell took over Alderlea Vineyards in 2017 from Roger and Nancy Dosman whose strong vision for an island vineyard and skilled winemaking made Alderlea one of the pioneers in Vancouver Island wine-growing.

~2018 Bacchus-

Bacchus is well-adapted to the Cowichan Valley climate and produces a clean, crisp white wine, with heady floral and citrus aromas and flavours of kiwi and apricot.  Riesling x Sylvaner. 

201b Bacchus 750ml | SKU #500892 | $16.02 | Available
2018 Bacchus Keg | SKU #864322 | $382 | available

~2017 Clarinet~

Hand-tended old vines produce this dark, ripe and full-bodied wine.  Concentrated aromas of sweet blackberries and a hint of coffee are followed by bold fruit flavours and a touch of black pepper on the finish. Marechel Foch.

2015 Clarinet 750ml | SKU #707307 | $17.50 | Available
2015 Clarinet Keg | SKU #786855 | $428 | Available

~2019 Pinot Gris~

Alderlea’s signature skin-contact winemaking style results in a dry, rose-coloured wine, showing aromas of peach, and apricot, with a balanced mouth-feel and flavours of tangerine, orange, and mango.

2018 Pinot Gris 750ml | SKU #701474 | $17.50 | Available

~2019 Sauvignon Blanc~

Fully ripened and cold fermented, this wine’s bright flavours of green apple and nectarine blend with aromas of wild grass and gooseberries to give this wine a balanced bouquet and a clean finish.

2018 Sauvignon Blanc 750ml | SKU #72660 | $18.00 | Sorry, Sold Out

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