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Anarchist Mountain Vineyard

Osoyoos, Okanagan Valley

Overlooking the Southern Okanagan Valley, Anarchist Mountain Vineyards sits at 1700 ft in a thin temperature inversion on the east side of the valley. The altitude provides a moderating effect that regulates acid balance in the ripe Southern valley fruit. Planted in 1985 the vineyard yields small volumes of high intensity fruit – less than 2 tons/acre. Owned and farmed by Terry-Meyer and Andrew Stone. These limited production wines are made at Terry’s brothers Jak Meyer’s winery under the close eye of famed winemaker Chris Carson. Andrew acts as principle winemaker while managing other local Vineyards and of course, his own Anarchist Mountain Lieu-dit.


Fresh lemon citrus and pineapple with an approachable acid range. Rich, layered and textured.

2016 Chardonnay 750ml | SKU #468280 | $22.97 – $23.99 | Available

~2016 MAYHEM~

Lush smooth red fruits with tobacco pepper and leather. Cab Franc brings spice and structure.

2015 Mayhem Merlot 750ml | SKU #275404 | $30.29 – $33.05 | Available


Made at Meyer Family Vineyards by Chris Carson who has considerable expertise with Pinot Noir. Red cherry and cranberry with silky tannins and leather.

2016 Pinot Noir 750ml | SKU #762450 | $28.66 – $31.99 | SOLD OUT

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