Averill Creek Vineyard

Cowichan Valley, Vancouver Island

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Cowichan Valley, Vancouver Island

Averill Creek Vineyard, located in the heart of the Cowichan Valley wine region. New World, cool Climate. terroir-driven wines from Vancouver Island.  The 30-acre vineyard rests on the sun-drenched south slope of Mt. Prevost in the Cowichan Valley. Premium quality, single vineyard wines, hand-crafted in small lots to showcase the distinctive terroir & signature style that is Averill Creek and our cool-climate Vancouver Island appellation. The fruit is estate-grown on glacial stone and gravel soils, using permacultural and dry-farming approaches.




In 2022 the Joue White became a true field blend, meaning everything was picked and fermented together. Exact cepage is unknown, but mostly Pinot Gris with some Gewürztraminer and a touch Chardonnay. Picked into half ton bins that were foot stomped, in three lots for 12, 16 and 20 hours, then whole bunch pressed the next day into older French barriques.

Structured, textured, and lightly saline, with precise layers of fruit. A clean, aromatic nose exudes white flower and fresh rain. The palate transitions from vibrancy to a softer, round mid-palate before culminating in a talcy, textural acidity.

JOUE WHITE | 750ml | SKU #176680 |$19.91


100% Whole-bunches of Marechal Foch and Gamay were added into to tank for fermentation. Thirty litres of actively fermenting Pinot Gris was added as a natural inoculant. The tank was sealed fully, and the wine was pressed off after two weeks.

Happy with the vibrancy and perfume, but felt more structure was needed. The Somenos Pinot Noir has plenty of structure, and requires a very gentle press so as not to extract any harsh or bitter tannins. As a result there was plenty of goodness left in the Marc (the pressed grape skins) from the Somenos Pinot Noir. Not wanting to waste this, Brent added the pressed off Joue Red on top of the Marc and left it for 4 days before pressing it off again. Not only did this give the Joue Red more structure and texture, but it also offered another layer of depth and complexity to the fruit and perfume. The wine was matured in stainless.

JOUE RED | 750ml | SKU #227954 |$19.91


Not for the faint of heart: a powerful, intense blend, full of bright fruit flavour, balanced with a dried-flower savouriness. This not-so-little number will entice you towards another bite of food, another sip of wine, on repeat.

Pinot Noir and Foch were pressed-off, and de-stemmed whole-berry Gewurz and Pinot Gris were added on top of the red juice. A red ferment in essence, but with a cap of white berries. It was punched down once daily, then pressed-off, blended and left in tank on primary lees until bottling. No yeast, nutrients, enzymes, or sulphites added – unfiltered and unfined.

JOUE ROSÉ | 750ml | SKU #102451 |$19.91


A delightful Island sparkling wine produced in the classic Charmat Method. Citrus and floral aromas entice you towards a celebratory sip of this crisp-yet-creamy sparkling, which is bursting with texture and fruit-filled acidity. 

Charm de L’ile 750ml | SKU #548263 | $19.50


Made predominantly from estate-grown Pinot Noir, which is situated in exposed, higher altitude areas of the vineyard for a balance of intensity and freshness. As the majority of flavour in red wine comes from the skins, so in cooler years Brent the winemaker will bleed off (saignee) a portion of the Pinot Noir ferments a day or two after loading it. This increases the skin to juice ratio of the ferment gives more complexity in the finished wine. The juice is bleed off and put into older French oak Barrels and ferment till dry it on primary lees until just before bottling.

The wine is very intriguing expression of rose. It leads off with dehydrated blood orange or Campari, which is quite unique in Rose, but finishes with a bit of that strawberries and cream we all secretly love our rose. This, combined with the classic Vancouver Island freshness and tension. No yeast, enzymes or nutrients added. Bottled unfiltered, un-fined. Small Sulphur addition just before bottling.

SOMENOS ROSÉ | 750ml | SKU #207407 | $21.01


This is the second vintage of Chardonnay for Averill Creek, they are gradually building up the island Chardonnay program as the vines age. The fruit is foot stomped and left on skins for 10 hours before it is whole bunch pressed into large format Demi Muid ( 600L french oak barrels) and older barriques. It is wild fermented and left on primary lees till bottling without racking, but no battonage (barrel stirring). Battonage gives the wine a cheese rind yeastyness that takes away from the freshness. The result is a wine that is firm, complex, slatey and textured with a delicate but powerful fruit expression. No yeast, enzymes or nutrients added. Bottled unfiltered, un-fined. Small Sulphur addition just before bottling.

Chardonnay |  750ml | SKU #410627 | $24.01


The Estate Pinot Gris is brought into the winery, foot stomped and left on skins for 16 hours before whole bunch pressing. This does a couple things, it builds a bit of structure and texture to the mid palate, but also, leaving white skins exposed to juice releases a compound called glutamate (which is umami) that adds a bit of savouriness and salinity to the wine that counterbalances all the fresh fruit we have on the Island. It is then pressed into concrete egg, 600L Demi Muids (French oak barrel) and older barriques. The finished wine has white flower potpori and nashi pear on the nose with crisp fruit, dense structure and vibrant, well-textured acidity on the palate. No yeast, enzymes or nutrients added. Bottled unfiltered, un-fined. Small Sulphur addition just before bottling.

Estate Pinot Gris 750ml | +418619 | $22.99


The Somenos Traminer (Gewürztraminer) is gentle in its complex delivery of white flower, Nashi pear, jasmine tea and salty bee pollen. The pallet is full and has a vibrant tension, which is carried across the palate via a dense core and slightly bitter but extremely persistent finish. Foot-stomped in half-ton bins and left in lots for 16-20 hours on skins. The fruit for this wine is sourced from an exposed, sloped area of the property towards the top of the hillside. The soil is alluvial Royston-Qualicum soil, blended with sandy loam. Dry-farmed using a permacultural and regenerative farming approach. Wild fermented then aged on primary lees for 5 months in concrete egg, then transferred to French barrique for 6 months. No enzymes or nutrients added; un-fined and unfiltered. 

TRAMINER 750ml | +418619 | $25.01


Brimming with energy, texture and intensity. Lees ageing builds mid-palate density and salinity that counterbalances the fresh fruit and tactile acidity. The freshness and tightness is carried across the palate with a persistent, generous finish. Grown on the esteemed Saison Vineyard in the neighbouring Westholme region.

Westholme Pinot Gris 750ml | SKU #254736 | $19.91


Floral, savoury and spiced aromatics precede a complex fruit profile. Precise, textured acidity aligns with fine tannins and an essential freshness All of our wines are 100% whole bunch fermented. We feel this assists in allowing the full potential of our site and region to speak loudly in the glass. It gives us beautiful perfume and spice while softening the texture of the acidity and slowly extracting long polymerized tannins instead of ripping out short agular ones.

The 2022 estate Pinot Noir is no exception to that. The estate Pinot Noir we select the barrels that are more consumable in their youth (tends to be mostly clone 115) and blend it with Pinot that has been aged in concrete egg. The result is a Pinot Noir that is juicy, vibrant and refreshing but by no means pedestrian. It still has plenty of structure and texture. No yeast, enzymes or nutrients added. Bottled unfiltered, un-fined. Small sulphur addition just before bottling.

Pinot Noir 750ml | SKU #786657 | $22.90


Pretty and perfumed, the red and dark fruit in this wine maintain freshness, while spice and savoury character offer dimension and complexity. These elements are supported with persistent acidity and ripe, seamless tannins. Dijon clones 667 and 777, known to produce a dark fruit and earthy character. A favourable warm, moderate growing season. Estate-grown, using permaculture and dry-farming, on glacially deposited stone and gravel, and sandy-loam soils.

100% Whole-bunch fermented in a 6-ton French oak vat. Pigeage 1-3 times daily dependent on taste. Elevage in French oak barriques (8% new, 62% 1yr and 30% older than 3yrs). Nothing has been added and it was bottled unfiltered/unfined. A small sulphur addition occurred just before bottling.

Somenos Pinot Noir 750ml | SKU #776898 |$34.71 | Available


The base for this vermouth is a blacberry fruit wine, which has been ageing for up to 7 years in a solera system.  Some of the barrels have up to 30L of ullage, resulting in a base that is quite oxidative, but not oxidized.  Brent wanted a very unique, Pacific Northwest inspired iteration of vermouth, this framework shaped his selection of botanicals.  

The main botanical is Old Growth Red Cedar, plus teas from the Westholme Tea Farm in the Cowichan Valley (the only tea farm in Canada!)  For example, using their earl grey tea instead of orange rind.  The flavours were then rounded out with some more classical vermouth botanicals, such as star anise, cardamom, and pink peppercorn.

Vermouth 500ml | SKU #388507 |$23.50