Averill Creek Vineyard

Cowichan Valley, Vancouver Island

Cowichan Valley, Vancouver Island

Averill Creek Vineyard, located in the heart of the Cowichan Valley wine region.  New World. Cool Climate. Uncompromising terroir-driven wines from Vancouver Island.  A 30-acre vineyard rests on the sun-drenched south slope of Mt. Prevost in the Cowichan Valley. Premium quality, single vineyard wines, hand-crafted in small lots to showcase the distinctive terroir & signature style that is Averill Creek and our cool-climate Vancouver Island appellation. 

Averill Creek Joue White


The Joue Blanc Field Blend by Averill Creek is structured, textured, and lightly saline, with abundant freshness and tension. A clean, aromatic nose exudes white flower potpourri and fresh rain.

Nothing has been added to this wine. No yeast, no enzymes, no nutrients and no S02.

The palate transitions seamlessly from vibrancy to a softer, round mid-palate before culminating in a talcy, textural density and firm acidity.

The 2020 Joue White was picked, processes and vinified separately but treated exactly the same. Picked into half ton bins that were foot stomped, left over night and then whole bunch pressed the next day into older French barriques.  Fermented till dry and left on primary lees until just before bottling.

joue White 750ml | SKU #176680 |$19.91 | Available


The fruit came into the winery almost exploding with freshness. To harness that we fermented it all whole bunch and in stainless steel vats.

Nothing has been added to this wine. No yeast, no enzymes, no nutrients and no S02.

After two and a half weeks we pressed the wine off and aged in stainless steel tanks. The resulting wine had intense perfume and incredible fruit intensity but lacked a bit of structure. To compensate for this used a technique from Veneto in Italy to naturally build some structure back into the wine.

The 2019 Somenos Pinot had plenty of structure, so much so that when pressing we cut the press cycle short at 1 bar. When we dumped the press the marc (skins and stems from ferment) still had plenty of material and goodness left in it. Not wanting to waste this, we added this back into the  Joue and left it overnight and pressed it the next day. So, essentially, a Vancouver Island version of ripasso.  Not only did this build structure and texture in the wine, but it gave another level of complexity and depth to the perfume and fruit profile.

Joue Red 750ml | SKU #227954 |$19.91 | Available


~2020 JOUE ROSE~

Not for the faint of heart: a powerful, intense blend, full of bright fruit flavour, balanced with a dried-flower savouriness. This not-so-little number will entice you towards another bite of food, another sip of wine, repeat

Pinot Noir and Foch were pressed-off, and de-stemmed whole-berry Gewurz and Pinot Gris were added on top of the red juice. A red ferment in essence, but with a cap of white berries. It was punched down about once daily, then pressed-off, blended and left in tank on primary lees until bottling. No yeast, nutrients, enzymes, or sulphites added; unfiltered and unfined.

Joue Rosé 750ml | SKU #102451 |$19.91 | Available


A delightful Island sparkling wine produced in the classic Charmat Method. Citrus and floral aromas entice you towards a celebratory sip of this crisp-yet-creamy sparkling, which is bursting with texture and fruit-filled acidity. .

Charm de L’ile 750ml | SKU #548263 | $17.01 | Available
Averill Creek Pinot Grigio


Crisp and uplifting, yet rounded and enduring. Bright, citrus aromas envelop tactile acidity and a mouthwatering tension.

2019 Pinot Grigio 750ml | SKU #138610 | $15.51  |AVAILABLE
Averill Creek Pinot Grigio


Round and creamy hints of oak elegantly balanced with text-book island fresh acidity.  A very very complex Pinot wine.  

2019 Pinot Gris 750ml | SKU #19003 | $21.01  |AVAILABLE


Floral, savoury and spiced aromatics precede a complex fruit profile. Precise, textured acidity aligns with fine tannins and an essential freshness.  

Clone 115 was de-stemmed while clones 667 and 777 were 100% whole-bunch fermented. Fermented separately and blended after élevage. Aged in French oak barriques (7% new, 29% 1yr, 64% >3yrs). No yeast, enzymes or nutrients added. Bottled unfiltered, un-fined. Small Sulphur addition just before bottling.     

Pinot Noir 750ml | SKU #786657 |$20.91 |available

~2017 PREVOST~

COWICHAN CLARET | Our signature red blend lures you in with enticing aromas of cassis, caramel and cedar. Medium bodied and smooth featuring bold black fruit flavours laced with hints of espresso, dark chocolate and spicy pepper.

Prevost 750ml | SKU #868695 |$15.01  | Available


A bold, expressive Pinot enticing with aromas of smoky dark fruits, tobacco leaf and caramel. Lush and silky with superb depth, revealing flavours of sweet black cherry, spicy plum chutney and savoury herbal notes.

Pinot Noir 750ml | SKU #776898 |$31.67 | Available

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