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Portland, Oregon
Scott and Dana frank –

The husband and wife team behind Bow & Arrow started their urban winery in northeast Portland, OR in 2010.  Making wine from overlooked and often forgotten varietals which are decidedly more Loire than Burgundy, and had been grown in the Willamette Valley for years. You’ll find many classic Loire varietals in these cuveés. 

Scott & Dana Frank work with farmers who are inclined to take risks, like planting the varieties they were searching for, and who have forward-thinking mentalities when it comes to farming organically and biodynamically.   Over the course of their partnership, many of the farmers have become certified. Fermentations always occur naturally and fining, filtration, and sulfur additions are thoughtful if any. Watch this tiny winery do big things.



100% Chardonnay grown on calcareous soil and blue marl in Escales.


The La Chenaie Vineyard in Eola Amity Hills is Certified Biodynamic.  2018 was a bumper crop for Sauvignon Blanc, which allowed Bow & Arrow to make more of this wine than ever before–great news as this vintage has proven to be one of the best in the winery’s lifetime. 

The fruit was given a short skin soak (which interestingly enough results in a touch of carbonic maceration!) followed by a brisk press.  The juice was racked into 500-L puncheons for fermentation and aging.  Never touched until bottling, the 2018 underwent a 16-month élévage.  

Bow and Arrow Sauvignon Blanc | 12 x 750ml | SKU #69925 | $33.71
100% Chardonnay grown on calcareous soil and blue marl in Escales.


The “least likely to exist” of all Bow & Arrow’s Willamette Valley sourced wines, Air Guitar is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon from Borgo Pass Vineyard and Cabernet Franc from Johan Vineyard.  Borgo Pass is a U-pick vineyard where Scott and Dana do just that each fall with family and friends.  The Cab Franc from Johan Vineyards was grafted specifically for Bow & Arrow (along with Gamay and Melon).

Cabernet is the future of the Willamette Valley.  Full stop.  I’m absolutely convinced after making wine from these two varieties here since 2012.  In a perfect world, I would age it in cask in a really cold cellar for three years, but you work with what you got.  This is Cabernet(s) with energy, fine tannins, sunshine, herbal vibes, electric fruit – all the things you want from Cabernet.  At least we used to…!

Bow & Arrow Air Guitar | 12 x 750ml | SKU #69920 | $33.71
100% Chardonnay grown on calcareous soil and blue marl in Escales.


Gamay is the first red wine to emerge from the fantastic 2019 vintage. perhaps the best Gamay coming from the cellars in the eight vintages produced by Scott.  The 2019 Gamay feels like crunchy red fruit locked inside a savory, herbal shell…with miniature lightning bolts coming out the sides.

This release is a bit of a change from the past, as it’s no longer a multi-AVA blend and sourced entirely from Eola-Amity Hills AVA.  I think this may be the best AVA for Gamay in the WV.  Grapes for the 2019 Gamay were sourced exclusively from Jubilee Vineyard, which has begun transitioning to organic farming at Scott’s urging.  There’s more fruit and less savory/sappy/barky vibes.  It’s still made using a traditional semi-carbonic maceration in concrete vats, where it lives totally undisturbed for eight months before bottling. 
Bow & Arrow WILLAMETTE Gamay | 12 x 750ml | SKU #69933 | $29.25
Bow & Arrow Melon

~ 2019 MELON ~


Melon de Bourgogne – the grape responsible for the classic French wine, famous for its versatility with all foods Ocean-born.  The 2019 Willamette Valley Melon is the version Scott makes referencing that classic, old school Muscadet –  11% ABV, forward acidity, sur lie mist… 

For the first time, the fruit is completely sourced from the Yamhill AVA (previously, fruit was also sourced from Johan Vineyard).  The 2019 saw 9 months of ageing on the gross lees before bottling.

bow & Arrow Melon | 12 x 750ml | SKU #69928 | $25.68