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Pfalz, Germany

Pfalz, Germany

Exceptional natural wines from Germany!  The brothers Brand, Daniel, and Jonas have quickly brought attention to the far northern Pfalz, a cool-climate, limestone-rich, yet otherwise overlooked region. These fifth-generation winemakers took over the family winery from their father Jürgen in 2014 – with his support, they expanded from 12 to 18ha and transitioned production to fully certified organic growing and making 100% natural. The Pur has no sulfites added and is the transparent expression of the grape and terroir.

Bockenheim has a cooler climate than most of the Pfalz (therefore the grapes ripen slower). The weather in their area is influenced by the Donnersberg mountain (around 650m high) which shields them from incoming weather systems, the wind is then funneled down two valleys which means it is fairly breezy and this helps keep the vineyards free from mildew.

The Pur Range are all unfined, unfiltered and with no additions, including sulphur and as such under German law the wines are unable to be labeled as Pfalz.

label from Koppitch Homok wine


A dry Riesling comes from organically-grown vines. Invigorating and exhilarating. Fresh flavours of lemon, peach and grapefruit.

STEIN & FELS RIESLING 12 x 750ml | SKU #254530 | $21.59



rosza by Koppitsch


After a few years of abscense, we were able to snag a small allocation of this Beaujolais-inspired charmer.  This is light, fragrant, seductive, and just 10% alcohol.  A young wine for all days (and nights!).  This vintage is made with Blauer Portugeiser and Cabernet Franc. 

BRAND NOUVEAU 12 x 750mL | SKU #72716 | $23.69
ret by Koppitsch

~2021 CIDER PUR~

Zingy and fresh, super fizzy and bone dry, they definitely want you to give this one a shake’n’wait.  The apples come from a couple of trees that are scattered around their property. 

Cider Pur 12 x 750mL | SKU #68401 | $18.95


60-year-old vines in solid limestone, the best Dornfelder in the Pfalz.  From a small 1.5 acre parcel.  60% of the fruit went through an extended fermentation & maceration in open top wooden vats, while 30% of the fruit went through carbonic maceration, and 10% was added in from a previous vintage.  A wildly juicy wine, with lots of layers and intrigue, a whiff of jasmine tea, wet stone, meatiness, and soft ripe tannins.

Cuveé Flora 12 x 750ml | SKU #68216 | $26.54


Energetic and unfiltered Riesling that sees a short skin-contact during ferment.  Very crisp and aromatic, loads of citrus, lemon curd, orange zest, grapefruit, plus some pear and apple.

RIESLING PUR 12 x 750ml | SKU #68208 | $28.94


Linear finesse and unapologetic minerality, this is perhaps one of their best wines year after year.

Pinot Blanc Pur 12 x 750ml | SKU #68211 | $28.94


The Pinot Noir is picked from parcels about 45 years old over loess and shell limestone, has a seven day cold maceration, and a further seven days mash fermentation after a vigorous foot crush. Aged in older 500l and 225l barrels, bottled in August 2022. Unbelievably direct, with electric acidity, supple fruit and great length.

Pinot noir 12 x 750ml | SKU #269212 | $31.27



~ 2022 PET NAT WHITE ~

60% Pinot Blanc & 40% Sylvaner, méthode ancestrale, finely textured bubbles.  Green apple, leesy mid notes of brioche, plenty of tree fruits and minerality.  Textural, with several airy layers.  Grown on limestone soils.

White Pet Nat | 6 x 750ml | SKU #113814 | $30.84
White Magnums | 6 x 750ml | SKU #41010 | $69.58


The Brand Brothers’ nod to the traditional Austrian field blend  ‘Gemischtersatz,’ a co-fermented field blend made with no sulphur or other additions. Chardonnay, Müller Thurgau, Pinot Blanc, Riesling and Kerner were fermented with wild yeasts, followed by some time in old oak and stainless steel before being bottled unfined and unfiltered. Fistfuls of herbs, salty apricots, and a perfect grapefruit meets ginger chewy candy charm and cloudy lemonade. 

WilderSatz 12 x 750ml | SKU #11770 | $23.67
WilderSatz Magnums 6 x 1.5l | SKU #668061 | $51.81


The rosé this year is 100% Pinot Noir, méthode ancestrale.  A riveting, ultra-light testament to what the region is capable of.  Packed with notes of sour cherries, plum and tart raspberry. Citrus, strawberries, preserved lemons and lime cordial, a touch grippier than in past vintages.  Direct-pressed to a combination of old oak barrels and a ceramic egg.

Rosé Pet Nat  6 x 750ml | SKU #113823 | $30.84
Rosé Magnums  6 x 750ml | SKU #41007 | $69.58