João Pato, a.k.a. Duckman

Bairrada, Portugal

Aviero, Bairrada, Portugal

Maria Pato, the daughter of Luis Pato, created this project because of her love of the region and varietals, so much so that she felt constrained by the standards of Bairrada wine making. For both of them only the indigenous varietals can be Bairrada wine, not imports that want to claim it as their own identity. Luis and Maria work from two main vineyards, Amoreira da Gândara which is composed of mostly sandy soils, and Óis do Bairro which is composed of mostly chalky-clay soils. Here they grow both red and white varietals: Baga, Bical, Cercial, and Fernão Pires (a.k.a. Maria Gomes). 

The Duckman wines express the true character of Bairrada’s indigenous varietals and its exceptional maritime influence. There are no indications of the region on the labels, done intentionally to demonstrate an acute sense of place and varietal typicity through minimal intervention in the cellar.

 PUNCH posted this article about the Pato family in November 2021, “The First Family of Portugal’s Avant Garde”.



100% direct-press Baga from a 1ha vineyard of 30-year old vines, planted in a sandy vineyard named Quinta do Ribeirinho.  The grapes are harvested in August, fermented in temperature controlled tanks for 2 weeks, and bottled before fermentation completes for a really nice bubble texture. 

Fermented til nearly dry, this wine has vibrant acidity with a pixie stix/sour candies vibe, and strawberry aromas which are typical of Baga.  Fun to drink and perfect for sipping poolside or at the beach on a hot summer day.  

Duck Ray Pet-Nat 6 x 750ml | SKU #453467 | $26.67

~2021 KITE DUCK~

This wine is 95% direct-press red Baga grapes and 5% skin-fermented white Maria Gomes grapes, straddling somewhere between rose, blanc de noirs and orange wine. The result is a dry, coppery, coral-hued, medium-bodied wine with notes of cranberry, pomegranate and fresh apricot with balanced acidity.

Kite Duck 6 x 750ml | SKU #453443 | $26.69
casa de mouraz rose

  ~2021 NERD DUCK~

Nerd Duck is made by juicing white grapes (95% Maria Gomes) and macerating them on very dark red Baga berry skins (5%) for 5 days. Is it a Rosé? A Red? Something in between? What is it – delicious. Pato knows what’s best.

Crushed rocks, wild red fruit, and rose petals on the nose. Spiced pear, plum, bay leaf, and white flowers on the palate. Light- medium body, refreshing mineral finish.

Nerd Duck 6 x 750ml | SKU #453446 | $26.69


Bical and Sercialinho from 20-year-old vines grown in sandy soils.  Whole bunch pressed, fermented and aged for 6 months in tank.

Bruleed lemon, cucumber, lemon peel, salinity on the nose. Dry, moderate acidity, lush tannins, meyer lemon and briney flavors, fresh herbal finish.

Quaaaq Quaaaq 6 x 750ml | SKU #453470 | $26.69