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Quinn and Michela Palmer are botanical alchemists, crafting unique mead-based botanical elixirs that you & I know as Vermouth, and perhaps more broadly, Apéritif wines.

After spending 2.5 years deep-diving into botanicals, recipe development, and wine making, their Rosso Vermouth was launched in July 2019.  The distinctive solera-aged botanical base contains a precise blend of 32 herbal and floral extracts.

Their mead is made with bluberry-blossom honey from the meadows of the Peace Region in BC.  Lemons and other citrus fruit are sourced from a partnership with Nanaimo’s Good Life Juice Co.–after juicing, the peels get soaked in spirits to extract flavour & aroma.

Wine bottle label of Alba Tilia from Dluhe Grefty


Delicious, classically-styled red vermouth with plenty of Vancouver Island character.  32 precisely extracted botanicals are aged in solera, then blended with a base of blueberry-blossom mead to create a vermouth that’s rich in plums, figs, oranges, brown sugar and spices. Rosemary, cinnamon and cola with a finish that rolls right into the next sip.  Available in 500ml bottles and 3L bag-in-box for our hospitality friends.

Rosso Vermouth 12 x 500ml | SKU # | $21.45
Rosso Vermouth 3L Box | SKU #430176 | $89.98
Wine bottle label of alba mixtura from dluhe grefty

~Bianco Vermouth~

Charmingly herbacous and bitter, with balanced sweetness lifted by an abundance of lemon peel.  Sweet vanilla and savoury garden herbs mingle with their solera-aged botanical base, blended with blueberry-blossom mead.

Bianco Vermouth 12 x 500ml | SKU #250975 | $21.45
Wine bottle label of Alba Rosales from Dluhe Grefty


Following the French tradition, this is not totally dry, but rather off-dry.  The touch of sweetness balances the assertive bitterness that comes from a higher wormwood content.  Tastes like honeysuckle, apples and pears, with a little funk that transforms into rich peach, chamomile and elderflower.

Dry Vermouth 12 x 500ml | SKU #250595 | $21.45
Wine bottle label of Rufus from Dluhe Grefty


A love letter to Lillet, the classic French apéritif, married with a luscious amount of ethically foraged wild elderflower from Vancouver Island, along with chamomile, orris root and bitter quinine.

This is a seasonal product and only made once per year.

Kina Blanc 12 x 500ml | SKU #449994 | $23.99
Wine bottle label of Rubra Mixtura from Dluhe Grefty


Orange blossom, vanilla, almond and herbaceous bitterness dance together in this citrus apéritif inspired by late-night tiki drinks with a bitter flare. Hints of cinnamon and clove make this bold apéritif shine with aged spirits like rum or whisky.

bitter orange 12 x 500ml | SKU #444979 | $23.99
Wine bottle label of Rubra Mixtura from Dluhe Grefty


A seasonal release, highlighting the sweetness of locally foraged Salal berries along with bitter and astringent quinine.  Coriander, orange peel and local blueberries round out this special and intensely bitter Tonic Wine.

kina salal 12 x 500ml | SKU #250577 | $25.99
Wine bottle label of Rubra Mixtura from Dluhe Grefty


Delightfully fortified for maximum enjoyment, traditionally spiced with clove and cinnamon.  Quinn and Michela have added extra botanical flare by blending in ginger, star anise, allspice, and a touch of rosemary and elderflower.

palmer’s spiced apple 12 x 500ml | SKU #345127 | $21.45
Wine bottle label of Rubra Mixtura from Dluhe Grefty


Lemon and honey is a flavour combination that transcends the ages,  and while traditional limoncello is made by steeping lemon peels in high-proof alcohol and then adding water and sugar, this version blends high-proof lemon peel with a sweet mead base, lifting the aromatics to the next level.

vino miele limoncello 12 x 500ml | SKU #444974 | $21.45

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