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FRUKTSTEREO  rejects traditional categorizations with the introduction of  Frukt Pét Nats or “Fruit Pét Nats”.  This Eclectic collection of albums includes hybrids and co-ferments that have been sourced from home gardens and abandoned orchards, plus discarded fruit from local farmers.  The project is a boundary-pushing collaboration between Karl Sjöström & Mikael Nypelius, who both worked as sommeliers in fine dining throughout Scandinavia.

Together, they’ve stretched the quintessential notion of a “cider” and have redefined what they make as a different category altogether. These complex libations have kombucha-like microbial overtones, reminding the drinker that natural wines are indeed living organisms. We love the arresting acetic qualities.

After picking, crushing and pressing the different fruits they ferment everything wild and bottle with zero inputs and in neutral containers. During fermentation they bottle the juice and let the last part of the natural sugar ferment in the bottle, producing natural bubbles. Off the charts, tart and crunchy fruit with lifting VA will make many reconsider what they have been drinking and the way they will taste in the future.


Jancis Robinson’s recent article  – FERMENTATION WITHOUT LIMITATIONS 



Frukstereo - cider revolution
Frukstereo - comic
Echo Bay Merlot


Fruit: Cox’s Orange apples 70%, Alexander Lukas pears 30%

Origin: Waste fruit from growers in Skåne. 

Pre-maceration: 24 hours

Yeast: Spontaneous fermentation

Additives: None

Residual sugar: approx. 5g/l

Info: A cider to spark a revolution and also the title of their book, a DIY guide to making cider at home.  The apples were macerated on skins for about two weeks before pressing.  At this point, the free-run juice is used in Cider Revolution, and the more tannic 2nd press juice goes into the previous vintage.  The pears were fermented dry, and left with a thin layer of flor for a couple of months to give the cider its salty intensity.

cider revolution | 6 x 750ml | SKU #381627 | $21.68
Echo Bay Merlot


Fruit: Mutsu apples 80%, Alexander Lukas pears 20%

Origin: Discarded/overlooked fruit from growers in Skåne

Yeast: Spontaneous fermentation

Additives: None

Residual sugar: 5-6g/l

Info: Short maceration, with the apples and pears both pressed and fermented separately before blending. Bottled with higher fermentable sugars and disgorged after 1 year. Clean fresh fruit, with a tiny bit of natural residual sugars and carbohydrates for a bit bigger mouthfeel and structure.

DEFINITELY CIDER | 6 x 750ml  | SKU #381630 | $22.93
Echo Bay Merlot


Fruit: Ingrid-Marie apples 75%, Aroma apples 25%

Origin: Discarded & overlooked fruit from growers in Skåne

Pre-maceration: 4 hours

Yeast: Spontaneous fermentation

Additives: None

Residual sugar: 0g/l

Info: Ingrid-Marie is the most common apple in Sweden, it gives the cider a fresh yellowish fruit and lots of energy to keep you dancing all night. New for this vintage is the adding of Aroma apples to enhance the aromatic side of this cider.


CIDERDAY NIGHT FEVER | 6 x 750ml  | SKU #390410 | $21.68


Fruit:  90% mixed apples (Ingrid Marie, Belle de Boskoop, Aroma & Cox Orange), 10% pear (Moltke, Esperence)

Origin: An abandoned orchard in southeastern Sweden, near an ancient village named Kivik.  The orchard was abandonded for about 15 years before Karl and Mikael found it.  

Pre-maceration: 24 hours

Yeast: Spontaneous fermentation

Additives: None

Residual sugar: 4g/l

Info: A multiple-stage pick and ferment of the various fruits.  The pears were picked & fermented in August, while the apples were left much longer.  Aroma & Ingrid Marie were picked in October, with Cox’s Orange & Belle de Boskoop a bit later – they were picked in December and added to the still-fermenting juice. Bottled shortly thereafter so that fermentation finished in the bottle.

F.W.A ÖSTERRIKE | 6 x 750ml  | SKU #437783 | $25.71

~THE FRUIT PET NAT (Formerly Known as Cider)~

Fruit: Apples, pears, grapes, plums

Origin: Apples and pears from an abandoned orchard in Dalby. Plum skins from Arkelstorp, Rondo grapes skin from Hällåkra.

Yeast: Spontaneous fermentation

Additives: None

Residual sugar: 5g/l

Info: After a short maceration, fermentation started with the apples and pears. During this, the plum and grape skins racked off from Plumenian Rhapsody and Grape Me were added. This all continued fermenting and harmonizing for about 1 month before being bottled to finish.

 FRUIT PET NAT |6 x 750ml  | SKU #521628 | $27.62


Fruit: 85% piquette blended with new juice (10% pears & 5% cider apples)

Origin: Originally discarded fruit from apple growers in Skåne region, and their “waste” from that.

Pre-maceration: 24 hours on the pears and apples. About 3 weeks for the piquette.

Yeast: Spontaneous fermentation

Additives: Water

Residual sugar: approx. 7g/l

Info: “This is not a cider,” it’s a piquette – 
the ultimate fruit-based thirst-quencher, a drink for the occasions you want to keep away from alcohol and just enjoy something fresh and acidic that still brings some attitude!
The light version of Punkquette with a heavier pear body than “This is not a cider”.

 PUNKQUETTE LIGHT | 12 x 375ml  | SKU #437916 | $6.65