Pantelleria, Italy


Less than 70km away from the coast of Tunisia, Pantelleria is a tiny sun-baked and windswept island in the Mediterranean Sea.  It’s also the largest volcanic satellite island of Sicily, with the most recent volcanic action occuring in 1891 when there was an underwater eruption.  Still, there’s plenty of geothermal activity on the island, and fresh water sources are impossible to find.  The island is generally hot and dry, and frequently experiences warm & humid scirocco winds sweeping across the scrubby landscape from the southeast.

After initually purchasing land on Pantelleria in 1994, the first vintage wasn’t made until 2005.  Gabrio Bini’s property is situated at a slightly higher elevation on the island, a patchwork parcel of approximately 7 acres with 60-100 year old plantings of Zibibbo, Perricone, Catarratto, along with some Syrah and Pinot Noir.  All of the wines are fermented & aged in Spanish amphorae which are buried outdoors throughout the property. 


~2022 BIANCO~

Zibibbo, aka Muscat of Alexandria, has been grown on Pantelleria since at least 1500BC.  After spending 7 months in amphora, this skin-contact wine is invigorating and lively.  Dense flavours of ripe grapefruit and candied orange peel are met with salt and herbs over a backdrop of very fine tannin.

BIANCO 6 x 750ml | +499070 | $103.96

~2022 FANINO~

Catarratto and Pignatello are destemmed, fermented and aged in amphorae for 7 months.  This vintage is fragrantly radiant, with swirling aromas of salted strawberry, freshly squeezed blood orange, and fresh and dried mediterranean herbs.  Expressive energy is kept in check with fine tannins and acid structure.

Fanino 6 x 750ml | +499073 | $103.96
Les Lunes Searby Vineyard Macerated Chardonnay


More compact, powerful and intense than the Zibibbo, the grapes are selected from 100-year old, self-rooted bush vines at the highest points in the vineyard.  Tea-like tannins, layered notes of blood orange, white blossoms, minerals and bitter herbs and a long, salty finish.

Heritage 6 x 750ml | +324892 | $144.52

~2022 ONDA~

100% Syrah, only made in certain vintages, with tiny quantities made.  This is just the 2nd vintage of Syrah, and we hear it’s got silky spice, as well as volcanic minerality and herbs.  


Onda 6 x 750ml | +499076 | $144.52