Nahe, Germany

Glow Glow has swiftly become one of the most sought-after new-wave of German natural producers on the scene. Exciting, approachable wines full of energy from growers Pauline & Carl Baumberger.

Nestled into the hills between the Rhine & Mosel valleys, you’ll find the Nahe. Though one of Germany’s smallest wine regions, the Nahe has over 2000 years of wine tradition.  It’s here in a village called Mandel that Pauline & Carl work, the 6th generation to farm the plots of Weingut Baumberger.

After working as a graphic designer in Berlin and the Netherlands, Pauline was drawn back to the world of wine.  She embarked on a masters degree program in wine management & sustainability.  Inspired by the natural wines that she had started drinking around this time, and by the culture & philosophies of the people that made them, she decided to return to the family estate and began her own project.

With the support of her family, Pauline released her first wine in 2019.  A year later she was joined by her brother Carl, who had been following his own path through his studies in viticulture & winemaking. Together they forged a new direction for the family domaine by creating their own label, Glow Glow, bringing in new ideas on sustainability, vinification, & organic viticulture, & by championing a style of wine & wine farming largely unknown in the Nahe before. 

Pauline is married to Jonas Brand (of the BRAND BROTHERS and they are currently renovating a home together on his family’s property in Bockenheim, less than 1 hour’s drive south of Mandel.


bottle of sparkling German wine

~2022 FIZZY~

Fizzy is a blend made of five varieties–Müller-Thurgau gives structure, Bacchus a floral feel, Scheurebe adds fruit, a tiny portion of Muskateller gives hints of lychee and Riesling provides a great acidity.  Bottled conviviality and serious fun all over again.  

Fresh, juicy & aromatic, Fizzy is dry, with notes of flower meadows and pear compote. 

FIZZY 6 x 750ml | SKU #367069 | $33.53
bottle of sparkling German wine


Pauline’s mom had always wanted to have a pink sparkling wine made by the family, and this wine is the fulfilment of that wish!  The wine has a seriousness to it that was unexpected.  Dornfelder and Muller-Thürgau were pressed together, making a wine with tannins, loads of red fruit, structure, vividness, all in great harmony.

PINK FIZZY 6 x 750ml | SKU #367092 | $33.53
bottle of German white wine

~2022 WEISS~

Summer 2022 was warm and dry, and with lower acid levels they decided to forego any skin contact, opting for direct press instead.  Some much-needed rain just 2 weeks before harvest injected vitality into the grapes, moving nutrients and aromatics into the tiny berries.  What tastes like sunshine was actually picked between heavy rainfalls with dark skies and rainbows overhead.  Muller-Thürgau, Bacchus and Scheurebe are harmonious and refreshingly light. 

WEISS 6 x 750ml | SKU #367105 | $29.51
bottle of German red wine

~2022 ROT~

This cuvée is made of Regent, a fungal-resistant variety and Dornfelder, a regional classic. Both can make a dark red, but instead they went for something lighter: 6 days of cold maceration lead to a light colour and mood.

This is a cheerful red, a wine that brings ease. Low alcohol, high fruit. The grapes were harvested when just about ripe, destemmed, and the juice macerated with the skins for six days at 8°C.  There’s no fermentation happening at this temperature, so rather than tannin extraction, the juice was absorbing all the aromatic fruit flavours.  This wine is lecker (German for delicious), not too serious and we like it.

ROT 6 x 750ml | SKU #367100 | $29.31
bottle of German white wine


This vintage is concentrated and strong, as the very dry summer kept grapes from growing large berries.  The grapes were carbonically macerated for 10 days.  Pauline and Carl feel this is the most exciting Muskateller they’ve made, this wine is deep and lifts you up high with peaches, elderberry, chamomile tea, and dry herbal lemonade. 

MUSKATELLER 6 x 750ml | SKU #367108 | $33.54
bottle of German white wine


This Riesling comes from different parts of one south-facing steep slope. Only a few meters apart from each other, you can find parcels on red sandstone on the eastern part of the slope and yellow sand on the western part of the slope. The grapes are harvested and vinified separately, with one parcel giving more fruit-driven wines while the other is more focus and mineral.  This year the wine gives green apple, passionfruit, and subtle salinity. 

RIESLING 6 x 750ml | SKU #367113 | $33.54
bottle of German red wine


Grapes were picked over a period of two weeks from Mandeler Dellchen.  The first three quarters were destined for the carbonic maceration part, and the last quarter was destemmed and fermented on skins for six days. The cold temperatures did not stop this wine from going its way. All parts were pressed together and fermented in big old wooden barrels of 1200 and 2500 liters.  

SPATBÜRGUNDER 6 x 750ml | SKU #367116 | $33.54