Kutatás Wines

Salt Spring Island

Salt Spring Island

Kutatás (Koo-Tah-Tash) is a Hungarian term for research, inquisition, exploration or quest. Winemakers Mira Tusz and Daniel Dragert found this term inspiring; it relates their venture to a shared Hungarian heritage, it describes their approach to winemaking, and it represents the long journey ahead. Dan has been the winemaker at Averill Creek for years and we are excited to work with him and Mira as they begin their own wine producing journey.  Mira and Dan have just recently purchased Mistaken Identity on Salt Spring Island.

Currently, a majority of their small production comes from 3 acres of Pinot Noir and Ortega in North Saanich, on Vancouver Island. These blocks are managed sustainably. Most of the vineyard is dry farmed to limit yields, restrict berry size and express terroir. They personally hand tend the vineyard to ensure they achieve the highest possible quality.



WHOLE CLUSTER Pinot Noir 750ml | $29.99  | SKU #220580 | Available


Full solids. Neutral spontaneous barrel fermentation. Aged 10 months sur lie.


Stone fruit, lemon curd, minerality, round, creamy, crisp, dry.

Pinot Gris 750ml | SKU #36140  | $20.76

~2019 VIZ~

‘Viz’ means water in Hungarian
Floral and Lime aromas with a hint of anise and a refreshing dry citrus finish.  Made with Madeline Angevine, Schonberger & Reichtensteiner grapes grown at their Salt Spring Island domaine.  

Viz 750ml | SKU #50380  | $18.00