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Rheinhessen, Germany


Rheinhessen, Germany

Martin Wörner is based in Rheinhessen and farms organically on sandstone soils. Having staged with Tom Lubbe (of Matassa) and Steph and Eddie at Gut Oggau is s good sign your wines will not likely end up in the gross category. 2017 was Marto Wines’ first vintage. Fully invested in natural processes, grapes are hand-harvested.  In the winery indigenous yeast and an ambient ferment are the order of the day, the wines undergo no fining or filtration, and no sulphur is added. Watch this young winemaker, he’s going to be big. 


Huxel, Würzer & Mueller-Thurgau.  Native Yeast, No SO2, Organic, Petillant Naturel.  This wine needs to be very very very VERY cold before opening! Aromatic and delicious. Make sure you have a glass nearby. 10.5%. 

2019 CRAZY CRAZY 750ml | SKU #113820  |  $23.98 | available

~2019 WEISS~

The 2018 is a skin-contact blend of Muller-Thurgau and Riesling. It offers us notes of orange peel, pineapple, and a touch of ginger… alongside some floral hints keeping it aromatic too.  Delicious, delicate and excellent value for it’s awesome tropical-vibes.

2019 WEISS 12x750ml | SKU #69557  | $24.00 | Available
2019 WEISS 6×1.5l | SKU #44441  | $63.47 | Available


An incredibly raw version of Riesling with delicious salty, juniper, and yellow plum skin notes. Grown on sandstone soil, the grapes are hand-harvested, fermented with native yeasts in large, old foudres. No fining or filtration.  Electric energy pulsates from beginning to end.

2019 RIESLING 6x750ml | SKU #69570 | $35.12 | Available

~2019 Al DENTE ~

This crunchy co-ferment is a blend of Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir, Riesling, and Pinot Blanc grapes that are hand-harvested early from vines grown on sandstone soils. The spontaneously fermenting juice macerates for two weeks before full fermentation and aging in huge old oak barrels for 10 months atop the lees. There is no racking. Unfined, unfiltered with no additional SO2.  10.5% 

2019 AL DENTE 6x750ml | SKU #113826 | $35.12 | Available


 FRAUENPOWER!  This one comes from a hot new female producer Alanna La Gamba, who makes this debut wine using grapes from Martin’s Vineyards. Think German Lambrusco!  It’s a fun fruity, light red with a rounded mouthfeel, yet minimal tannins. Dornfelder and Sylvanner. 

Expect blackcurrant, grape, cola, fizzy sweets, and lime.

ACHTUNG! This wine has so much FrauenPower it’s excited to get out! Serve VERY cold and open very very slowly. IT WILL froth over!

FRAUEN POWER 12x750ml | SKU #113817  | $23.98 | Available

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