Méry-Melrose Cognac

Cognac, France

Cognac, France


Maison Méry-Melrose is an independent, certified organic vineyard, distillery, and winery in the heart of the Grande Champagne region of Cognac led by François Méry, a fourth-generation distiller and viticulturist.

François and Janis Méry lead Maison Méry-Melrose, and they have charted their own course for the company. Their independent spirit and original vision have propelled the company’s transition to organic agriculture, the launch of the independent organic Grande Champagne Maison Méry-Melrose line, and the expansion of distribution throughout Europe and into North America and China.


On the palate, dried fruits and gentle oak spice segue to a refreshing finish characterized by green herbs and the distinct minerality typical of the Grande Champagne region.

VS Organic Cognac 750ml | SKU #126868 | $49.14


Cinnamon, vanilla, and honey, but the wood is balanced with a still-lively expression of fruit. The scent of dried apricots and figs mingles with rose petals and pain d’episces.

VSOP Organic Cognac 750ml | SKU #126959 | $64.69