Milan Nestarec

Moravia, Czech Republic
Moravia, Czech Republic

Turn-around Moravia maverick Milan Nestarec has quickly become the young star of the Czech Republic.

 ‘Low viscosity, absent minerality, zero bullshit. No fining or filtration, no gimmicks, no magic powders, no added sulfur. Just a bunch of tanks and old barrels, grape juice, and time.’

Established 15km from the Austrian border and comprises about 10ha, all of which are farmed organically without the use of systemic fungicides and herbicides.  The wines are a pure expression of the grapes typically grown in the Moravia region of the Czech Republic.  They are ethereal and filled with passion, enthusiasm, and intuition while being a true and transparent representation of the terroir and the philosophies of Milan and his family farm.

Wines from the cellar express good and also the bad character of the people who created them, they are not easy coming, nor waiting for compliments or untruth praise. In the beginning, the wines keep to themselves, but once they feel comfortable they open up and show their loyalty.

Nestarec Forks and Knives White Wine


“Wine to be paired with a meal, wine as a meal”

Neuburg + Sauvignon, Tramin, Pálava and Riesling from our Slovenské and Babušák vineyards. Some of it is on skins because it’s more fun, some of it is direct press. What’s important is that each grape gives it its best and it captures you right away, with the very first sip, and keeps you coming back for more of that citrus hard-candy vibe, like being lured in by a bright halogen light. The wine is bottled unfiltered, unfined, and with zero sulfur added.

Forks and Knives White 6x750ml | SKU #190143 | $28.40 | Available


Nestarec Forks and Knives red wine


“Wine to be paired with a meal, wine as a meal“.

Pinot Noir + Blaufrankisch, Cab Sauv & Cab Franc. Quite carbonic, immensely chuggable. Low viscosity, absent minerality, zero bullshit. Wine to be smashed along with some food – nothing more, nothing less. Serve thoroughly chilled. The wine is bottled unfiltered, unfined, and with zero sulfur added.

FORKS AND KNIVES RED 6X750ML | SKU #190061 | $28.40 | Available



Youngsters Nestarec




Blend of Pinot Noir, Blaufrankisch, Zweigelt. Brilliant pinkish-red color, a darker style rose; crisp and crunchy on the palate with bright juicy red berries. Cinnamon fireball candy, wild strawberry, and cleansing minerals. 

Youngster Rosé 6x750ml | SKU #45284 | $27.78 | Available



Fresh from the press is a super show of aromatic white varietals!  A tantalizing, zippy field blend from the turn-around maverick of Moravia. Traminer, Pinot Blanc, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc.

Youngster White 6x750ml | SKU #45281 | $27.78 | Available



Big Grapes wrapped in youthful Glou. The Youngster Red is an inky dark affair.  Black plum notes and crunchy herbal and bramble tones. Tart and even bitter so this wine will be challenging for some.  Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Dornfelder. 

Youngster Red 6x750ml | SKU #45292 | $27.78 | Available




Based on wines with the highest zing, usually only a little skin contact, usually old vines. Riesling, Chardonnay, and a pinch of local varietals, from a couple of different vineyards. Aged in local acacia barrels for freshness yet still some ability to age.

I AM NOT A BIG WINE 6x750ml  | SKU #44837 | $45.48 | Available







“The best for Grűner Veltliner is to age it under the flor”.

Gruner Veltliner from one of the oldest vineyards called Otáhal. Plus a bit of Riesling.  Half is skin-macerated, half is direct-press.  Blended and nested in a local acacia barrel. A layer of flor then formed over the wine, remaining in barrel for 7 months before racking and bottling.

WTF 12x750ml  | SKU #166708 | $38.91 | Available



~2017 TRBLMKR~

“The English translation of Neuberger is Troublemaker”

100% Neuberger, 16 year old vines planted on loess soils.  The grapes are destemmed and crushed into both 600L and 1000L barrels for a month-long ferment with occasional punchdowns and extended skin contact.  The wine is left in the same barrels for a further 19 months with occasional battonage before racking and bottling.


TRBLMKR 6x750ml | SKU #166697 | $37.19 | Available


~2017 MIKY MAUS~

Miky-maus is the result of a grape swap with the Moravian natural wine OG Petr Nejedlík of Dobrá Vinice. Petr trades Welschriesling, Muller, and Gruner from his beautiful vineyard near Popice for Milans Pinot and Blaufrankisch.

Turned the unfamiliar wines and the way they behave into a macerated white – on skins until the fermentation starts, say 3-4 days, then pressed and left alone in big old barrels. Quite rich and herbal.

Miky Maus 6x750ml | SKU #45322 | $40.72  |Available


“Tastes amazing for about a million seconds”

The vines are approximately 35 years old and grown in loess soils.  50% Pinot Blanc and 50% Chardonnay grapes were hand-harvested and destemmed.  Half of the juice was direct-pressed while the other half macerated on the skins for about 50% of the time, with fermentation in 600L barrels lasting 3 weeks total.  The wine was given 25 months of elevage before racking and bottling.

Juicy Fruit 6x750ml | SKU #228426 | $45.49  | AVAILABLE


~2017 PODFCK~

For Milan, the biggest asset of this grape is its skin. Pinot Gris, full of colour, aromatics, and rich phenolic potential. “Let’s squeeze this into the wine!” And that’s how the first 100% skin contact Nestarec wine was born. Due to the local clones, its colour was really dark; after a blind tasting, a winemaker-neighbor congratulated him on making such a beautiful Blaufrankisch. Milan told him it was a PG, but he didn’t believe it,  proclaiming me it’s a podfuk (“cheating” or “hoax” in Czech). So Milan just adjusted this heaven-sent name to Podfuck.

This wine is a 100% skin contact; it used to be very long, like more than 3 months, but every year they’ve made it shorter and shorter – the 2017 wine only macerated for about a week, as their taste shifted towards elegance and balance. Recently they added a tiny bit of Pinot Noir from the same spot (pure loess, South-West orientation).

PODFCK 6x750ml  | SKU #166713 | $47.87 | Available



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