Milan Nestarec

Moravia, Czech Republic
Moravia, Czech Republic

Milan Nestarec has quickly become the young star of the Czech Republic.  Established 15km from the Austrian border and comprises about 10ha, all of which are farmed organically without the use of systemic fungicides and herbicides.  The wines are a pure expression of the grapes typically grown in the Moravia region of the Czech Republic.  They are ethereal and filled with passion, enthusiasm, and intuition while being a true and transparent representation of the terroir and the philosophies of Milan and his family farm. 

Wines from the cellar express good and also the bad character of the people who created them, they are not easy coming, nor waiting for compliments or untruth praise. In the beginning, the wines keep to themselves, but once they feel comfortable they open up and show their loyalty.  

Nestarec Forks and Knives White Wine


“Wine to be paired with a meal, wine as a meal”

Organic Muller Thurgau & Neuberger grapes were hand-harvested and de-stemmed, then fermented in 2000-liter stainless steel tanks for about 10 days with indigenous yeasts. The wine remained in the tank for about 10 months, then racked and bottled.  The wine is bottled unfiltered, unfined, and with zero sulfur added.

Forks and Knives White 12x750ml | SKU #190143 | $28.41 | Sorry, Sold out
Forks and Knives White 1.5L Mags x 6 SKU #166830 | $58.34 |  Sorry, Sold out



Nestarec Forks and Knives red wine


“Wine to be paired with a meal, wine as a meal“.

Organic Pinot Noir grapes were hand-harvested and destemmed before fermenting in 2500-liter stainless steel tanks for about 10 days with indigenous yeasts. The skins remained in contact with the juice for 3 days, for a light and soft extraction with occasional punchdowns. Half of the wine stayed in tank and the other half went into used 225L oak barrels.  Elevage lasted for about 13 months. The wine is bottled unfiltered, unfined, and with zero sulfur added.

Forks and Knives Red 12x750ml | SKU #190061 | $28.41 | Sorry, Sold out
Forks and Knives Red 1.5L Mags x6 | SKU #166692 | $58.34 |  Sorry, Sold out



19-year old Riesling vines grow in a combination of loess and sand.  The grapes were destemmed and crushed before macerating on the skins for four days.  The juice was pressed off into 600L barrels, with fermentation lasting for about 2 months.  The wine was racked off and returned to the same barrels for an additional 16 months of elevage.

If God Exists 6x750ml | SKU #154438 | $32.33 | Sorry, Sold Out


This wine means No Worries…. a drink your heart out wine.

19-year old Pinot Gris vines grown on clay soils.  The grapes were destemmed and crused into neutral 600L barrels with the intention of maintaining freshness.  Fermentation lasted for about 20 days, after which the wine was racked and returned to the same barrels for another 15 months before bottling.

HAKUNA MATATA 6x750ml | SKU #191861 | $32.49 | SORRY, SOLD OUT


~2018 DANGER 380 VOLTS~   

“Warning! This is dangerously drinkable wine!”

The wine is made from Muller-Thurgau (70%) Neuberger (20%), and Muscat (10%) and the vines are approximately 17 years old, grown on wind-swept loess soils.  Grapes are pressed into old 600L barrels where the juice ferments slowly over a 2 month period.  The wine is bottled with a crown-cap closure and alcoholic fermentation completes in bottle, making this a Pet-Nat.  Expect some sediment as this wine isn’t disgorged.

Danger 380 Volts 6x750ml | SKU #166705| $33.35 | Sorry, sold out

~2016 (WHAT THE FLOR)~

“The best for Grűner Veltliner is to age it under the flor”.

The grapes come from a low-yeilding plot of 35 year old vines.   Grapes were destemmed and crushed into 600L used acacia barrels. 30% of the skins were retained and kept in contact with the juice for about 2 weeks, with occasional punchdowns and indigenous yeast fermentation. A layer of flor then formed over the wine, remaining in barrel for 7 months before racking and bottling.

WTF 6x750ml  | SKU #166708 | $38.91 | Sorry, Sold Out



“My spirit animal is Pink Gummy Bear
“The Zweigelt vines are 29 years old and grown in a mid-slope plot of loam and clay, an area which Milan believes has some of the highest potential in his vineyards.  The grapes are de-stemmed before being crushed, where the juice ferments for approximately 14 days in stainless steel tanks using indigenous yeasts and occasional punchdowns.  The wine is pressed off into 8-10-year-old 225L barrels for elevage lasting nearly 2 years. 
PINK GUMMY BEAR 6x750ml | SKU #183515 | $35.17 | Sorry, Sold Out


~2016 TRBLMKR~

“The English translation of Neuberger is Troublemaker”

100% Neuberger, 16 year old vines planted on loess soils.  The grapes are destemmed and crushed into both 600L and 1000L barrels for a month-long ferment with occasional punchdowns and extended skin contact.  The wine is left in the same barrels for a further 19 months with occasional battonage before racking and bottling.


TRBLMKR 6x750ml | SKU #166697 | $37.20 | sorry, Sold out



“Tastes amazing for about a million seconds”

The vines are approximately 35 years old and grown in loess soils.  50% Pinot Blanc and 50% Chardonnay grapes were hand-harvested and destemmed.  Half of the juice was direct-pressed while the other half macerated on the skins for about 50% of the time, with fermentation in 600L barrels lasting 3 weeks total.  The wine was given 25 months of elevage before racking and bottling.

Juicy Fruit 6x750ml | SKU #228426 | $43.80  | Sorry, Sold Out


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