Mirco Mariotti

Emilia-Romagna, Italy

Emilia-Romagna, Italy

This is farmer-fizz from local varieties that’s unique, delicious, and without pretense.

Mirco Mariotti makes wines in the Bosco Eliceo area in the eastern part of Emilia-Romagna, from vines growing just 300 meters from the Adriatic sea and over 100 years old. The vines are non-grafted on their own native rootstock, with roots that dig as deep as two meters in the sandy soil.  He uses the process of propaggine, a type of selezione massale, for new vines.  They are gnarly.  And, by growing vines so close to the beach, that savory, even salty mouthfeel, really come through. Mariotti is an excellent example of a producer who is making more interesting wines than a generation ago.

Mariotti’s wines are named after local card games that the locals play in towns while splashing back frizzante of local varietals.  Old-school bottle-fermented (rifermentato in bottiglia) wines out of the native grapes Trebbiano Romagnolo, and a rare red called Fortana – a savoury wild thing with high acid and a black cherry or wild strawberry notes depending on vintage; sometimes a bitter vermouth-like spice to it. 


100% Fortana. Hand-harvested from 100 + year old vines self-rooted vines 300m from the Adriatic Sea. Mirco’s wines are the ultimate summer vibe. This sparkling rosé was macerated on the skins for 24 hours.  Natural fermentation followed by re-fermentation in the bottle after winter.  Sitting somewhere between sparkling, rosé, and orange, dry with a salmon colour and whiffs of ripe peaches, melon, amaro and spices.

sét e Méz 750ml | SKU #47151 | $20.62  





Made from 50-100-year-old vines, a pet-nat fizzy blend of 70% Trebbiano and 30% non-aromatic Malvasia di Candia. It’s super refreshing with tangy, citrus flavors as well as some slightly savoury, herbal notes with a salty Adriatic sea tang.

smarazen 750ml | SKU #46563 | $20.62 



Made from 50-100-year-old Fortana vines, a pet-nat fizzy red blend. Zero-disgorgement. Red fruit Lambrusco. Emilia- Romagna gets its Pet-Nat moment.

SURLIé 750ml | SKU #61353 | $20.62  


100% Montuni. Skin-contact orange wine for beginners.  Rich and soft, peach and yogurt.

MALÉSTAR 750ml | SKU #61589 | $20.87  | Available


Uva Pellegrina. A lightly fizzy white with citrus & yeasty notes. Small delicate bubbles.  Only 9% so crush it at lunch. 

Bubble Mission 750ml | SKU #46568 | $18.86