NOMAd Cider

Summerland, BC

 Summerland, Okanagan Valley

NOMAD CIDER, located in the heart of the Okanagan Valley, is a farm-to-glass craft cidery passionate about making cider the way it has been traditionally crafted; by hand with only fresh-pressed apples and pears. They are committed to producing exceptional cider made only from the local varietals grown by themselves and their dedicated farming partners in the Okanagan-Similkameen region of BC.

The focus is to be nomadic in global cider culture by stylistically representing cider regions from around the world. Devoted to exploring food, drink, and culture. Their thirst for knowledge and new experiences continually inspire them to create great-tasting regional centric ciders.



single varietals + wild orchards

Hand-crafted cider made from one  variety of apple, to showcase the inherent characteristics of specific herigate cider fruit.  Single orchard, and vintage specific.


This is the classic English apple, often regarded as the finest of all apples.   It was first identified in 1825 by an English retired brewer and amateur arborist Richard Cox.  An unparalleled complexity of flavours, at once picy, honeyed, nutty, aromatic yet subtle, with an ideal balance of sweet and tart.

 COX’S ORANGE PIPPIN 500ml | SKU #250437 |$6.99


Found as a chance seedling in the garden of Charles Porter during the 1800’s.  Classified as a medium bitter-sharp cider apple, so when pressed, it produces a sharp juice with high levels of tannin.

PORTERS PERFECTION 500ml | SKU #250421 |$6.99


Lemongrass and vinous tones on the nose. Limestone and lemon zest on the palate. High acidity and medium tannin.

Classed as a “bittersweet” cider apples,  yellow-green fruit flecked with red, usually harvested in November in the UK.  The flesh is greenish and aromatic

dabinetT 500ml | SKU #463428 |$6.99 


Bright and tart green apple on the nose and pallet. Long ripe apple finish. High acid and medium tannin.

A small dark red apple, formerly grown in the West Country cider-producing regions of England, and now a popular variety amongst cider enthusiasts.  However it is not the easiest of varieties to grow, generally considered a poor cropper yet produces some of the best bittersharp juices and said to be “the most valuable cider apple

Kingston Black 500ml | SKU #64408 |$6.99


Honeydew melon on the nose. Lemon and banana on the palate. Medium acidity and medium tannin.

Originating in Normandy although rare in France by the 20th century became the most planted cider variety in England. A  mid-season, medium ‘bittersweet’ apple, relatively high in sugars, low in malic acid, and high in tannins. Its avoidance of biennial fruiting tendencies makes it a reliable cropper, typically a nice blending apple with Dabinett or other varieties.

MICHELIN 500ml | SKU #463425 |$6.99

 ~2021 BLAUCHER ~

Originating in north eastern Switzerland during in the early 1800’s, where it was made into a traditional sparkling apple-wine.  This apple’s flesh is pale greenish, firm and coarse-grained with a dry-ish texture, while the juice is sweet, mildly spicy and somewhat acidic.

BLAUACHER 500ml | SKU #250429 |$6.99


Floral honey and baked apple pie on the nose. Full-bodied with notes of orange bitters. Very firm tannins and medium acidity.

A traditional and important French cider variety producing a strong bittersharp juice.  It originates from the extreme west of France in the region of Bretagne and is used in all the French cider-growing areas as well as a required variety for several appellations (Cornauaille in Bretagne & Pays d’Angu in Normandie)

FREQUIN ROUGE 500ml | SKU #463417 |$6.99

fruited series

 These small-batch ciders were conditioned on fresh fruit and botanicals to infuse them with natural flavours. 

NOMAD Strawberry

~HASKAP BERRY ~                     

Crafted with care using local, fresh-pressed cider and dessert apples. Local whole Haskap berries were conditioned on fully fermented cider for 1 month.  Tart blueberry and raspberry. Structured tannins with a long mixed berry finish.

HASKAP 500ml | SKU #463404 |$6.99
NOMAD Strawberry


Crafted with care using local, fresh-pressed cider and dessert apples. Local whole strawberries were conditioned on fully fermented cider for 2 months. Freshly picked strawberries + Citrus and melon. It Finishes dry with hints of grapefruit.

STRAWBERRY 500ml | SKU #73276 |$6.99
NOMAD Strawberry


Fermented with care using local, fresh-pressed cider, and dessert apples. Local whole raspberries were conditioned on fully fermented cider for 2 months. 

RASPBERRY 500ml | SKU #73260 |$6.99

original series

Hand-Crafter Cider made from single varietals of cider apples grown locally.  Single varietal, single orchard, and vintage specific.


Crafted with care using local, fresh-pressed cider and dessert apples. An honest Okanagan-Similkameen expression with its crisp and refreshing fruit-forward apple aroma and palate. The same product as The Original, now in a bottle! 6.5%

Semi-Dry 500ml | SKU #55713 |$4.99 
Semi-Dry 20L Kegs | SKU #52991 |$160.99


Made with 100% Pears – Bosc, Anjou and Bartlett. An elegant semi-dry with a floral nose and crisp effervescent finish.

PEAR 500ml | SKU #205524 | $6.99
PEAR  20L KEGS | SKU #521688 |$160.00 

international series

Representing influential cider regions from around the world.


A homage to the classic English style with its complex flavour profile.  Cider apples fermented with natural yeast. 6.5%.

Traditional Dry 500ml | SKU #55630 | $6.99


Made in a modern Spanish style with on-skin fermentation and balanced volatile acidity. Fresh green apple notes with earthy tones, bright acidity and tannin structure for a long finish.

Sparkling Sagardo 500ml | SKU #81673 |$6.99


A lightly carbonated German-style cider with high acidity and low tannin. Very fruity and pure, with aromatic notes of lemon and rhubarb.

Apfelwein 500ml | SKU #64629 |$6.99

~KEEVED CIDER~                                                

A naturally sweeter cider with full apple flavour and smooth acidity. Made through a traditional French process of denitrification resulting in an incomplete fermentation, leaving some residual sugar. Made with 100% organic apples.


KEEVED CIDER 750ml | SKU #81907 |$25.00| AVAILABLE

~ICE CIDER~                                                    

This late-harvest-style cider is bursting with tropical flavours like papaya and banana. Made by cryo-extraction of fresh-pressed apple juice.

ICE CIDER 375ml | SKU #8190 |$25.00| AVAILABLE


Ciders fermented or aged in barrels giving them complexity and longevity.


Bright and refreshing with hints of banana, butterscotch and vanilla.  Fresh-pressed cider varieties, all grown locally in the Okanagan and Similkameen Valleys. Aged 2 months in Woodford Reserve Kentucky straight bourbon barrels. Bright and refreshing with hints of banana, butterscotch and vanilla.

Maple Bourbon Barrel 500ml | SKU #205554 |$6.99


2 stage fermentation on Blue Mountain Winery pressed Pinot Noir skins and then finished in neutral French oak barrels from Blue Mountian Winery as well. Dry and tannic with hints of vanilla, toffee, cherry and cassis.

Pinot Barrel Ferment 500ml | SKU #205557 |$6.99

~2019 PINOT NOIR BARREL~                       

Fermented in neutral French oak barrels previously filled with Pinot Noir from Blue Mountain Winery. Dry and tannic, apple with a hint of influence from the barrel and some vinous notes. 

Pinot Noir Barrel-Aged 750ml | SKU #81676 | $13.50