repour wine savers

Repour’s patented technology uses active oxygen absorption to keep opened wine fresh.

How Does Repour Work?


Oxygen Absorption is the Key!

  • Repour is designed around a standard 750ML bottle of wine under the assumption of 5 5-ounce pours and around its ability to absorb the oxygen from 1500ML of air.
  • Material inside the stopper continuously removes all of the oxygen from the air above the wine and from the wine itself, completely stopping the degradation process.
  • As Repour works to remove the oxygen, it also depleting its active ingredient – which is why its use is not unlimited.
  • Other wine preservation products use air displacement, which reduces the oxygen but doesn’t eliminate it, so they will keep your wine fresh for a few days at most.
  • Repour will keep your favorite wine fresh for days, weeks, or months!
  • Wholesale pricing available for Retail and Restaurants customers. 

I let them all sit at room temperature for up to two weeks before reopening, which would normally be plenty of time to spoil all of these wines under regular, oxidizing conditions. Results? The Repour worked as advertised, which is to say perfectly.


- Wired Magazine

Simple steps to fresher wine:


Each Repour stopper will save one 750ML bottle of wine when taken glass-by-glass over an extended period.


When the bottle is empty, recycle the stopper and start again with a new one on the next opened bottle.


Repour works so well, the wine may need to “open up” again when you return to pour another glass.


Keep Repour in the bottle when not pouring wine. Extended exposure to air outside of the bottle will lessen its ability to preserve wine.


When using Repour, do not store your wine bottle on its side. Doing so will render Repour ineffective.

4-Pack of Repour Wine Savers – $6.10

10-Pack of Repour Wine Savers – $12.50

72-Pack of Repour Wine Savers – $79.90

50-Pack of Packaged Repour Wine Savers – $84.33

After 6 weeks of testing Repour on a number of different wines, and using the skills I have learned over my career as a Master Sommelier, I can say Repour is one of the most astonishing products I have seen in over 10 years. I use the word astonishing exactly to its definition; “extremely surprising or impressive; amazing.”

Will Costello

Master Sommelier (MS)

“Repour is an incredible little slice of simplicity when it comes to preserving wine.”
Jason Caballero, Advanced Sommelier

“Repour has revolutionized how I use and handle wine samples in the market.”
-Wes Hagen, Winemaker

“A brilliant product.”
– Kevin Vogt, Master Sommelier

“The fact that Repour brings waste down to nearly nil is a really big deal.”
-Michael Meagher, Master Sommelier


Can I use Repour for more than one bottle?

Repour was designed to absorb the oxygen of one bottle of wine, enjoyed glass-by-glass, over an extended period. If used on a second bottle, it may lose its oxygen-absorbing capacity before you finish the bottle. When your bottle is done, so is Repour. To ensure effectiveness, start with a new Repour on each new bottle.

Does Repour change the taste or aroma of the wine?

Testing on red, white, and rose wines by winemakers, sommeliers, and other wine professionals indicate both taste and aroma are unaffected by Repour’s technology.

Do I need to let my wine “open up” again once I return for another glass?

Because Repour so effectively reduces the oxygen from the air above the wine and from the wine itself, we have found it can be helpful to allow a moment for the wine to open up again when returning for another glass. A simple swirl usually does the trick.

Can Repour be recycled?

Yes. Repour is made of 100% recyclable materials. We recommend checking your city’s recycling program to understand the exact methods of recycling in your area as standards and processes vary by the municipality. Check out our Repour Recycles info at the bottom of this page for information on recycling large quantities or if you’re interested in becoming a collection point.

What is the shelf life of an unused Repour?

A minimum of two years with no loss of function.

How do I know if my bottle is securely stopped and Repour is working?

Repour is designed to fit 99% of bottle neck diameters. To ensure a proper seal, give Repour a push into the bottle.

bottle seal image

Should I still refrigerate my opened wine in an effort to further reduce deterioration?

With Repour, refrigeration is not needed to slow deterioration. If you want to refrigerate your wine, go ahead; it will not interfere with Repour’s ability to perfectly preserve your wine.

Recycling & Sustainability

Repour is made from 100% recyclable materials and is recyclable.  If your municipality won’t recycle Repour due to it’s small size, we will.

If you are an on-premise business and purchase Repours in the 72 pack boxes we will pick up the used Repours and return them manufacturer in the US to be reused, repurposed and/or recycled. 

Just email to get with the program. 


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