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Revel Cider was born out of a love affair with natural fermentation that Tariq Ahmed discovered during a summer internship living on an organic vegetable farm.  During his downtime on the farm he played around in the outdoor kitchen and experimented with their old basket press, making naturally fermented pickles, mulberry wine, and in the fall came cider.

Through his own enthusiastic naiveté, the story of Revel Cider began.  Falling for characterful native yeast fermentations, there were no rules to abide by – instead, allowing everything to ferment with the organisms indigenous to the fruit and the cidery, impressing a sense of time and place on each harvest.

The fermentations have always been oxidative, more out of necessity than anything else.  They couldn’t afford stainless steel at the beginning, so they started with plastic and oak vessels. Learning to guide native yeast and bacteria with exclusively oxidative equipment has been an absorbing journey. Currently, they age the ciders and wines on tannic apple pomace and grape marc, protecting them from oxygen while infusing texture and salinity.

By allowing the microorganisms to breathe in their youth, and to slowly digest plant material as they age, a vibrant expression of life emerges.

These ferments are bursting with life and vitality.  They are true expressions of the fermented fruit, herbs, flowers, and their skins used in each cvuveé.  The availability will be forever changing.  When you order – it’s direct.  When we have enough for a full pallet – we will send you the cider.



Averill Creek Joue White


A Farmhouse Cider. Time and Place is the purest expression of the native yeasts from Revel.  It’s bright and tart, a blend of apple and wild yeast activity.

Long aging on crabapple pomace coaxes out quiet tannins and ripe orchard aromatics. Restrained yet elegant, this is the cider Tariq always wanted to make. 6%.

Time & PLace 24 x 355ml | SKU #388725 |$3.52 | Available



Averill Creek Joue White


Tart Montmorency cherries at their finest. Whole cherries were added to the cider and left to macerate for five months.  After this, the cider is like sipping on cherry blaster candies (without the sweetness), with grippy tannins and nuances of sweet almond and apple interwoven with funky aromatics of native microflora. 6%

SONATA  24 x 355ml | SKU #474186 |$4.08 | Available




Mithras  Revel Cider


Mithras is a cider made with an extravagant amount of Niagara grown nectarines. Foraged sassafras branches for a soft sweetness, it’s a background character which lifts the fruit. Mithras has loads of nectarine aroma up front, with bright and lively stone fruit acidity. It’s dry and tart, with the Sassafras sweetness lifting the nectarines just enough to push it into the ‘fabulous*


MITHRAS  24 x 355ml | SKU #474186 |$4.08 | Available





Oud Blanc is a blend of skin contact riesling (34%), 2020 Perry (33%), and 2019 Cider (33%).

Each vintage of fruit expresses itself a little differently, and each year this cider expresses a bit differently too.  It was first made in 2016 to celebrate Revel’s first year of operation, and inspired by sour Oud Bruin beers.

When they taste in the cidery, they often find themselves reaching across time to piece together thoughtful blends.  It’s got the psychological essence of sipping nice things on a hot beach. Distinct from past vintages, but far more representative of where we are today with the expectation for natural cider.

It has a distinct tropical note to it, like if someone made a dry pineapple liqueur and blended it with orange wine. The tannins are pronounced: chalky apple tannins as well as crunchy grape tannins. The texture grabs you; experientially it’s like sucking on a plum pit. 7.9% 

OUD BLANC 750ml | SKU #474385 | $13.58 | Available





Cursive is a blend of young Bartlett perry, cider aged for months on blueberries, and wine from the hybrid grape: Maréchal Foch.

Blurred lines.  One of the most exciting things for Revel is layering fruit in a way where it’s tough to tell where one ends and the next begins.  Pears and blueberry skins play in the aroma. Blueberries and Maréchal Foch lift each other up. Foch tannins play with the young pears, giving us the sensation of biting into a ripe Bosc pear. Soft funk, subdued acidity, and bright fruit notes tie it all together. 6.4%.

CURSIVE  | 750ml | SKU #474390  | $13.58 | Available







Spontaneously fermented ciders aged on cherries and strawberries andalmost one tonne of Zweigelt skins for an extra month of skin contact. It’s a red fruit bonanza.

Cabernet Franc and Montmorency Cherries meld into plush textural bliss. Strawberry aromas waft over it all. The fruit acids here are soft like silk. Soif is easy. A thirst quencher; a real Glou Glou; a quaffable refresher. Zero added sulphites. 6.1%

SOIF | 750ml | SKU #474382 |$13.58 







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