Guelph, Ontario

Guelph, Ontario

Revel Cider was born out of a love affair with natural fermentation that Tariq Ahmed discovered during a summer internship living on an organic vegetable farm.  During his downtime on the farm he played around in the outdoor kitchen and experimented with their old basket press, making naturally fermented pickles, mulberry wine, and in the fall came cider.

Through his own enthusiastic naiveté, the story of Revel Cider began.  Falling for characterful native yeast fermentations, there were no rules to abide by – instead, allowing everything to ferment with the organisms indigenous to the fruit and the cidery, impressing a sense of time and place on each harvest.

The fermentations have always been oxidative, more out of necessity than anything else.  They couldn’t afford stainless steel at the beginning, so they started with plastic and oak vessels. Learning to guide native yeast and bacteria with exclusively oxidative equipment has been an absorbing journey. Currently, they age the ciders and wines on tannic apple pomace and grape marc, protecting them from oxygen while infusing texture and salinity.

By allowing the microorganisms to breathe in their youth, and to slowly digest plant material as they age, a vibrant expression of life emerges.

These ferments are bursting with life and vitality.  They are true expressions of the fermented fruit, herbs, flowers, and their skins.  The availability will be forever changing. Out of Province is always pre-order. Ask for the current selection by email.