Sheringham Distillery

Sheringham Point, Vancouver Island

Sooke, Vancouver Island

Sheringham Distillery was origianlly nestled in the heart of Shirley, B.C. on southern Vancouver Island, overlooking the strait of Juan de Fuca. Now based in down the road in Sooke, they continue with the time-honored distilling methods and B.C. grown ingredients to achieve their sustainable and traditional approach to the production of their spirits. Sheringham distillery has created a true grain to glass experience using traditional distilling methods to create distinctive handmade spirits.

All mashing, fermenting, distilling, and bottling is done by hand at the distillery. Their spirits are made in small batches in order to regulate and uphold their devotion to high quality. We are delighted to share their coastal craft spirits with you.

Sheringham Seaside Gin


Citrus, floral and notes of the sea make this gin as refreshing as a seaside stroll. Elegant for sipping and noble in your favourite cocktail…clean as the south island surf. Made from: BC organic white wheat, BC Malted barley, natural botanicals and hand-harvested local winged kelp.

Seaside Gin 750ml | SKU #776724 | $35.70 | Available
Seaside Gin 375ml | SKU #772517 | $21.35 | Available
Sheringham Kazuki Gin


Cherry blossom petals were imported from Japan, as well as premium yuzu peel from Westholme Tea Farm in the Cowichan Valley we procured green tea leaves and flowers. As the only producer of green tea in Canada, we knew they had to be a part of our new spirit. Expect dynamic flavours from start to finish with the special and unique essence the Kazuki provides.

KAZUKI GIN 750ml | SKU #826172 | $33.75 | Available
KAZUKI  GIN 375ml | SKU 827047 | $20.50 | Available
Sheringham London Dry Gin


Balanced Bouquet of bright juniper and citrus.  Luxurious mouthfeel with soft edges bringing together citrus and juniper, leaving the palate with a crisp and dry sensation and a faint trace of spice.

LONDON DRY GIN 750ml | SKU #63043 | $34.95 | Available
LONDON DRY GIN 375ml | SKU #63038 | $20.85 | Available
Sheringham AKvavit


A traditional Nordic spirit of tranquil unsung fortitude. Notes of dill, caraway, anise & citrus with a hint of the ocean from the kelp. Made from B.C. white wheat, B.C. malted barley, and botanicals from land & ocean, including sustainable hand-harvested local winged kelp.

Akvavit 750ml | SKU #961227 | $36.00 | Available.                                                                                                                            Akvavit 375ml | SKU #56141 | $21.85 | Available
Sheringham Vo


Clear, notably smooth texture with soft flavours and a clean warm finish. The Vodka is only distilled twice and it is distilled at a bit of a faster pace than some of our other spirits, so that some of the sweetness and pepper notes of the grain carry through.

Vodka 750ml | SKU #750569 | $32.75 | Available.                                                                                                                          Vodka 375ml | SKU #845594| $18.50 | Available
Sheringham Rhubarb Gin Liqueur


A combination of the London Dry base with premium rhubarb. The fresh, tart notes of the fruit gently sweeten the spirit to create a product that is 100% Sheringham.

RHUBARB GIN LIQUEUR 750ml | SKU #95941 | $32.00 | Available
RHUBARB GIN LIQUEUR 375ml | SKU #92128| $19.75 | Available
Sheringham Lemon Gin Liqueur


The Lemon Gin Liqueur is made with a new Gin base and premium lemons.  The final liqueur is great for sipping, or just add ice and soda for a simple cocktail. 

LEMON GIN LIQUEUR 750ml | SKU #63046 | $32.00 | AVAILABLE
LEMON GIN LIQUEUR 375ml | SKU #63052| $19.75 | AVAILABLE
Sheringham Coffee Liqueur


The coffee liqueur was born out of our love for all things java related as well as our neighbours in Sooke. When the team needs some caffeine to kick start their day, it’s off to the Stick in the Mud. Roasting their own coffee since 2010, their quality is second to none. During a morning visit, master distiller Jason MacIsaac walked out of The Stick with the idea to create locally sourced, semi-sweet coffee liqueur using only the best ingredients available

Made from white wheat, malted barley and Stick in the Mud beans.

COFFEE LIQUEUR 750ml | SKU #218146| $32.00 | Available
COFFEE LIQUEUR 375ml | SKU #155870| $18.50 | Available

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