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Southwest SLOVAKIA

Zsolt Sütő started to work on 12 hectares of land near the village of Strekov in Slovakia in 2002. 7 years later he converted his plots to sustainable farming. The region’s microclimate ensures a long optimal ripening season, as the temperature is moderated by the Danube river. The top layer of soil consists of clay-loam, which lies above the marine sediments, sandstone and limestone veins.

Zsolt cultivates his vines by hand and trains them mainly as bush vines in order to force their roots to go deeper, making them less sensitive to drought. This also allows him to naturally keep the yield extremely low at 25hl/ha.

In the cellar the wines ferment spontaneously in barrels and open vat fermenters without any intervention. Zsolt prefers to keep the wines on their lees and to avoid the use of sulphur as much as possible.


Echo Bay Merlot

~CRÉME #5~

The first wine of Zsolt’s that got us hooked – it tasted like a banana-coconut-lemon mereingue pie.Made of 100% Devin and barrel fermented, this wine sees extended lees contact and goes through full malolactic fermentation to get that intensely creamy texture, hence the name.

Crème 6 x 750ml  | SKU #444370 | $32.06
Echo Bay Merlot

~FRED #9~

Splashy red blend of Alibernet and Dunaj.  Easy drinking, juicy and refreshing with a touch of an earthy bite, the grapes were partially detemmed, partially foot stomped, and saw some varying barrel treatments.  Always a blend of newer & older wines depending on the vintage.

Fred stands for “friendly red,” and it most certainly is!

Fred #9  6 x 750ml | SKU #74438 | $29.15
Echo Bay Merlot

~RICHARD 2020~

The Richard is the result of a new project with their friend Peter Šroner, who planted 5ha of organic vineyards a little bit north of the village of Strekov. 2020 was his first harvest, and so the experience from the Strekov 1075 team was welcome. They instantly recognized the quality of his plots and together they started a new label, “Šroner and Sütő”. From the 2.5ha of Chardonnay, they created this wine in new 500 litre barrels

Richard  6 x 750ml | SKU #452704 | $32.07
Echo Bay Merlot


St. Laurent made without additives, including no sulphites. After it finishes fermentation with wild yeasts some juice of Alibernet is added for refermentation in the bottle, left non-disgorged with the yeasty sediment intact.

ROZALIA  pét-nat  6 x 750ml | SKU #74521 | $32.19


Chardonnay Pét-Nat made in collab with his friend Richard Sroner.

Zippy acidity, super pleasant flavors of citrus and exotic fruit and fresh saline finish supported by gentle creamy fizz.

Richard Pét-Nat |  6 x 750ml | SKU #452709 | $33.20


Blaufrankisch, destemmed and fermented in open wooden vants for 2-3 weeks, then aged in large neutral barrels for 8 months.

Light and smooth tannins with incredibly deep notes of pine forest and dark berries. Intense and gentle at the same time.

Frankova | 6 x 750ml | SKU #74430 | $45.46

~DON ZOLST 2021~  

Riesling Pét-nat, chill well and open slowly! Seriously. This is hammer-and-nail territory.

Give this a couple of extra minutes to open up and reveal its full character. Bursts of quince, citrus, yeast, minerality, and later herbs like thyme and buttery notes.

Don Zsolt  6 x 750ml | SKU #444310 | $33.30

~HEION 2020~ 

Heion means skin-contact in Slovenian, which gives away the style of this wine.  Here, it gives it an incredible depth and complexity without compromising on elegance.

Welschriesling, fermented for 2 weeks in open-top wooden vats, then transferred to 800L barrels to age for 6-8 months on lees.

Heion 6 x 750ml | SKU #74459 | $45.46