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Synchromesh Wines is a small, family-run winery focused on producing terroir-driven, world class Riesling, Pinot Noir and Cabernet Franc. From vineyard to bottle they practice sustainable techniques, non-chemical farming, natural low cropping, extensive use of indigenous yeasts and no additives or manipulations in winemaking.  The approach to the entire business is through a holistic philosophy, ensuring every aspect of the farm and winery helps to support the business ecosystem and philosophies, enabling the production of interesting and unique terroir focused wines.


A thoughtful blend of the Four Riesling vineyards: Long’s View Vineyard, Thorny Vines Vineyard,  Four Shadows Vineyard & Storm Haven Vineyard in Okanagan Falls.

2019 Riesling 750ml | SKU #850115 |$15| Sorry, Sold Out


A drier look at the Synchromesh house style.  This wine is a single vineyard selection from two old vine blocks on the Golden Mile Bench just South of Oliver.  Loaded with mandarin and burnt orange rind aromas this wine finishes dry with citrus and grapefruit pith carrying a lengthy finish.

2019 Riesling DRIER 750ml | SKU #485870 |$15|  Sorry, Sold Out


The former Bob Hancock Vineyard has been renamed for the current owners Charles and Linda Long. Returning to vineyard ownership after many years, the Long’s have committed to a fully organic transition of this property as we nurture it into maturity. Located up above the Naramata Village on an alluvial fan of mostly calcium carbonate, the gentle southern slope provides very even and balanced ripening with great acid retention and gentle structure.

2019 Long’s View Vineyard Riesling 750ml | SKU #635524 |$19| Sorry, Sold Out


About a third of the way up the Naramata Bench with a Northern aspect, the Thorny Vines property is lovingly cared for by the Hornby-Smiths. Reaching into slightly richer loamy soils, these vines bring palate weight and a linear acidity not seen from our other properties.  Citrus and mandarin explode on the nose leading to a very textured mouthfeel of tropical fruit and apple. A sweet kiss lifts the fruit until the Thorny Vines acidity wipes it clean to a nearly dry finish.

2019  Riesling Thorny Vines 750ml | SKU #345942 | $19 | Sorry, Sold Out


Grown at the home Storm Haven Vineyard, this Riesling was hand cultivated with minimal interference and natural low cropping to create a wine that truly expresses the Storm Haven Vineyard site. Every year this special site shows it’s unique ability to retain excellent range of acid and delicacy while developing great depth and complexity. This wine consists of five separate picks across two soil structures of course sandy loam, and decomposed granite with gravel and five separate fermentations.

Dried mango and candied ginger give way to ripe apple and remarkable viscosity as the mouth endlessly carries fleshy, fuzzy peach and huge acidity structure.

2017 Riesling Storm Haven 750ml | SKU #820894 | $27 | Sorry, Sold Out


Storm Haven vineyard is the 107 acre home and heart of Synchromesh. With large elevation changes and varying geology, we are able explore very different expressions of Riesling from each block. This wine hails from Gibson Block, the most gravelly corner of our home property on a Southwestern slope, this wine has huge acidity but with more lush fruit to make a Riesling that is approachable in it’s youth.

Ripe gala apple with lemon and asian pear. There is a soft, lushness to the fruit that quickly comes to a dry finish of lingering lemon.

2019 Storm Haven Riesling White Label  750ml | SKU #3588 |$19|  Sorry Sold oUt


Located just North of the town of Oliver on the West slope, this block of Cabernet Franc cuts into the base of the hills that define the Oliver valley.  The Cachola family carefully farms this vineyard to extract the essence of Cabernet Franc delicacy while balancing beautiful ripeness attainable in the South Okanagan heat.

 2018 was a return to a much more normal growing season with balanced acids and wonderful freshness in fruit. Fresh and vibrant with red cherry, crunchy tomato leaf and silky textured. Always a crushable style of Cabernet Franc.

2018 Cachola Cab Franc 750ml | SKU #613893 |$19 | Available


Aged for 20 months in French Oak with 30% new barrels, bottled without fining or filtration. This blend of Merlot (66%) and Cabernet Franc (34%) is named after the evocative corner of the Le Mans racing circuit in France, where perfect driver balance and finesse are key to a clean exit leading to one of the longest straightaways in motor racing.

This is a single vineyard wine from Turtle Rock Farms above the Naramata Bench. Carefully tended by the Britton Family, this stunning property has perfect conditions for long slow ripening of Cabernet Franc and Merlot producing fantastic flavour and tannin ripeness while keeping brightness and balance.  2016 produced some of the most balanced fruit we have seen from this site.  Rich and dark aromatics are carried by a wonderfully fresh fine grained texture and brightness in the mouth.

2016 Tertre Rouge 750ml | SKU #239103 | $19 | Available


Grown on our own Storm Haven Vineyard, this Pinot Noir was hand cultivated with minimal interference and natural low cropping to create a wine that truly expresses the Storm Haven Vineyard site.

100% whole bunch fermented this wine manages to extract the qualities of this site in a very structured and complex Pinot Noir that is still very elegant and fresh.  Containing fruit from both older and younger plantings on the property there is a vibrancy that carries the structure of the whole cluster fermentation in a very pretty way.  Clones 667 and 777 bring bright fresh red fruit on a silky backbone of mineral and bright acidity.

2018 STORM HAVEN PINOT NOIR (WHITE LABEL)  750ml | SKU #81946 |$19 | Sorry, Sold Out


This is a single vineyard Merlot from Turtle Rock Farms.  Nestled on a granite and gravel base under the KVR trail above the Naramata bench, this property brings elegance to a powerful expression of Merlot.  There is nothing shy about the grippy tannins and carries spicy bold and ripe cherry with cake spice.  The finish is lifted by a brightness that lasts on the lingering tannins.  Cellar for 5-7 years. 14.6%

2016 TURTLE ROCK FARM MERLOT 750ml | SKU #3580 |$40 | Sorry, Sold Out

~2016 TURTLE ROCK FARMS CAB FRANC~This is a single vineyard Cabernet Franc from Turtle Rock Farms.  Nestled on a granite and gravel base under the KVR trail above the Naramata Bench, this property produces structured and highly aromatic Cabernet Franc. The nose leads with intense sasparilla, dark red fruit and a floral sticky toffee pudding.  In the mouth, bright acidity freshens a substantial, fine grained structure with resinous and very persistent finish.  Cellar for 8+ years. 13%

2016 TURTLE ROCK FARMS CAB FRANC 750ml | SKU #760389 |$40 | Sorry, Sold out




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2017 PINOT NOIR 750ml | SKU # |$40 | available



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