Tod Creek Craft Cider

Prospect Lake Road, Vancouver Island

Prospect Lake, Vancouver Island

A true ‘craft’ cider, Tod Creek Cider uses 99% apple juice in the cider making. They aim for 100% but that’s hard to achieve once the apples are washed, So they settle with a lowly 99%. Commercial ciders will usually water their apple juice down, then add sugar, to achieve their version of cider. Tod Creek Craft Cider is 99% juice, no sugar added…and have a long fermentation time to ensure keeping the ‘craft’ in craft cider.


All juice, no water or sugar. True Artisan hand-crafted. Refreshing, clean, BC cider with a hint of tartness.

Tod Creek Cider 473ml | SKU #748642 |$10.91 4 pack | Available
Tod Creek Cider 30l keg | SKU #129233 |168.54 | Available


Small batch, long fermentation periods with local blueberries are added to the craft cider for a true West Coast taste.

Coastal Blue Blueberry Cider 473ml | SKU #162230 | $11.32 / 4 pack | Available
Coastal Blue Blueberry Cider 30l keg | SKU #30687 | $199 | Available

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