Tugwell Creek

Sooke, Vancouver Island

Sooke, Vancouver Island

Tugwell Creek Honey Farm and Meadery was licensed as British Columbia’s first meadery in 2003. The meadery produces small batches of hand-crafted mead from local berries and the honey comes from a 20 km circumference of the farm. The core philosophy that all of this comes from our passion for and the sustainability of our environment.  Bob teaches beekeeping courses at Royal Roads University. Tugwell Creek participates in a Canada- wide bee breeding project created to breed queen bees that will have resistance to various pests and pathogens that are causing high honeybee mortality. This is the best hope to get off of the chemical treadmill that treating with pesticides puts beekeepers in.  They have been actively breeding Varoa Sensitive Hygenics into their bee populations for the last 6 years. Although this is a much more labour intensive way to keep bees, it is the right thing to do to ensure that bees are part of our future.




Marionberry, Loganberry, Gooseberry, and wildflower honey

This off-dry Rosé styled mead is made with wildflower honey and a blend of berries from the Tugwell farm. It is clean fermented in stainless. Melomel was traditionally the mainstay of ancient agricultural communities, their festivals, and traditions long before the cultivation of grapes and barley. It was discovered that by adding fruit to the mead, the fermentation would be stronger often leading to higher alcohol. 13.5%. 

Melomel 750ml | SKU #329714 | $15.21


Wildflower honey, ginger root, and spice, barrel-aged in French oak, light effervescence

This ancient mead style descends from the many generations that created their own secret recipes. Wildflower Honey and a blend of spices are added to pure water and fermented naturally.  Metheglins were a ‘King’s Style’ of Mead from the Middle Ages. The addition of spices to the mead was something only the wealthy could afford. The word Metheglin is where the word medicine comes from. 11.5%. 

Metheglin 750ml | SKU #78097 | $16.64


Fortified honey and spice, barrel fermented and aged in French oak.

The Vintage Sac is closer in style to the traditional meads that some people have experienced in Europe. A great alternative to sweet wines and great in cocktails. It has crisp acidity and off-dry with floral notes. A perfect accompaniment to berry or fruit-inspired deserts and but also really works well with savoury and salty foods.

Vintage Sac 375ml | SKU #839860 | $24.12

~2018 MAD MARION ~

Honey, Marionberry, barrel fermented and aged in French oak, fortified.

Mad Marion recalls a time when meads were fortified to preserve their cellaring like that of Port.  A sweet, well-balanced fortified mead, rich in berry flavor, soft tannin, and subtle hints of vanilla from French oak aging. Marion Berries grow plentiful on the Tugwell Creek. 18%.

Mad Marion  375ml | SKU #839860 | $25.62


Marion Berry, Wildflower Honey, Spices.

The Mistress to the Mad Marion is bold and fruity and finishes with a soft spice. This off-dry mead is made with an abundance of Tugwell Creek farm-grown Marionberries, Wildflower Honey, and a secret blend of mild spice and then aged in French oak barrels for one year.  12.5%.

WICKED MISTRESS  750ml  |SKU #136057| $18.14





Quince, Cider Fruit, Apple Cider, Wild Flower Honey 

A Cyser is a mead that has been fermented with apple juices rather than water, creating a complex mead that is both sweet and tart. Now debated by many historians, the forbidden fruit of the Garden of Eden was a Quince.  This is an intense Cyser with Wildflower Honey, tart cider apples, and fragrant Quince.  The result is a natural sparkling Cyser with a subtle brandied finish. 14%.

ORIGINAL SIN CYSER 750ml | SKU #222919| $18.14




Hops, Heather, Honey

Kilt Twister is born from the tales of an ancient Pictish Mead / Ale. The Picts were an ancient people who predated the Kelts in what is now the Highlands of Scotland. These people lived off the land-dwelling in caves and brewed their famous mead from honey & heather and later,  Hops to preserve it. 10%.

Kilt Twister 750ml | SKU #140359 | $13.65