Ampersand Distilling Company

Situated in the fertile Comox Valley on Vancouver Island, Wayward Distillery has led the charge in honey-based spirits since 2014. Each spirit is crafted on a base of sustainable honey, supporting local agriculture and getting a little Unruly while doing it. Unique in both texture and taste, Wayward’s spirits celebrate honey – they do not hide the base product by filtering mechanically or chemically during distillation – and this is deliberate. 

Ampersand Gin


Inspired by the coastal gardens of Vancouver Island. The freshness of juniper paired with locally harvested spruce tips.  Citrus undertones balanced by lemon and orange peel, and a dash of lemongrass.

BC CRAFT GIN | #421961 | 750ml | $28.11

Ampersand Gin


A bright and refreshing Raspberry Gin Liqueur. On ice, over bubbles, or substituted into any of favourite gin cocktails and simply enjoy!

RASPBERRY GIN LIQUEUR | #531082 | 750ml | $35.82
RASPBERRY GIN LIQUEUR | #531049 | 375ml | $22.92

Per Se Vodka - Ampersand Distilling Co


Often compared to cinnamon whisky or spiced rum, Krupnik is a spirit in a category all its own. Toasted honey, cinnamon, nutmeg, raw vanilla and citrus peel.

KRUPNIK | #45843   | 750ml | $39.68
KRUPNIK | #393507 | 375ml | $25.57

NOCINO - Ampersand Distilling Company


Deep, dark, nutty. Cold brewed espresso beans and cacao beans on super smooth vodka, capturing all the complex coffee aromas and real dark chocolate flavours. Finished with just a drop of Wayward honey. 

DEPTHH CHARGE | #420831 | 750ml | $35.82
DEPTHH CHARGE | #420740 | 375ml | $22.92

NOCINO - Ampersand Distilling Company

drunken hive rum

Based on 100% pure BC Honey. Wayward’s Drunken Hive Rum is crafted from molasses made from caramelized BC honey.  Aged in premium full-sized bourbon casks for a min of 15 months. Caramel, toffee and vanilla. Honeycomb finish.

DRUNKEN HIVE RUM | #501414 | 750ml | $74.20
DRUNKEN HIVE RUM | #992339 | 375ml | $40.25

NOCINO - Ampersand Distilling Company


100% pure BC Honey. Distilled using custom designed stills to separate the  heads and the oily tails, ensuring that only the softest and sweetest hearts are ever collected. Vanilla and creamy sweetens.

UNRULY VODKA | #857151 | 750ml | $44.14
UNRULY VODKA | #1795     | 375ml | $29.34

NOCINO - Ampersand Distilling Company


Unruly Gin starts life as 100% pure BC Honey. Gently fermented into mead and distilled into a unique refreshing style Gin. Balanced Juniper, cedar, citrus, lavender and sarsaparilla root.

UNRULY GIN | #67595 | 750ml | $47.96
UNRULY GIN | #1798.   | 375ml | $29.36