The Zapiain family has been connected to cider making in Astigarraga, the heart of the Basque cider region, since 1542 when the family’s first tiny orchard was purchased .  In 1595, the Zapiain family was expelled from selling cider within the walls of Astigarraga because they weren’t living inside the city walls at that point.

Zapiain Cider is naturally made with zero additives or preservatives, an extremely traditional Basque cider in every sense of the word.  Zapiain Sagardoa is nourished both by its own apple orchards, where they grow different types of native cider apples, and their long-term orchard partners. The apple varieties have been selected over several centuries to make the best sagardoa, and have been preserved in the history of the Basque Country. The land, hills and steep slopes turn apple cultivation into hard work, in which it’s practically impossible to use mechanized machinery. All of the orcharge maintenance requires a lot of effort and continues to be done manuall to this day.

A bottle of Zapiain Sagardoa encloses centuries of history and knowledge inside. For the elaboration of a quality sagardoa it is necessary to combine several types of apples, framed mainly in the sharp and bitter varieties. Some of the native varieties that grow include: Moko, Gezamina, Urtebi Haundi, Urtebi Txiki, Patzolua, Urdin Sagarra, Manttoni.


These ciders should be consumed cool, but not very cold, at about 10-12ºC. Before opening the bottle, hold it upside down and shake well to dissolve the natural sediment and activate the natural carbon dioxide that it contains. For the best experience, tradition states that you should pour from a bit of height, and just a small amount at a time – the agitation helps create a deliciously frothy cider, but it’s meant for quick consumption over a few sips.  Don’t leave lots in your glass, rather, leave it in the bottle and pour out in smaller amounts.


Echo Bay Merlot


A natural low-alcohol cider, without preservatives. No added sulphites. Its slight effervsecense comes from the natural fermentation.  A very tradtional and authentic espression of Basque cider making.


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